In case you haven’t heard yet… I’m going to Melbourne with Dianne for my birthday in June! In case you can’t tell… I’m SO EXCITED!

Every time I’ve visited Melbourne in the past it has been in Winter and I ADORE IT. Probably because in Brisbane we have Brinter… Brisbane Winter aka fake Winter! I dream of a proper cold Winter with proper Winter fashion!

Obviously as excited as I am to go down and spend the weekend with Dianne, I’m equally excited for the outfits I’m going to pack! I’ve been doing my research and here’s our itinerary and what I’m going to be packing…

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TRAVEL CAPSULE | Winter Mini Vacay

Now that travel restrictions are easing, if you’re headed away for a mini vacation (2+ nights) it’s time to think travel capsule! The last thing you want to do is lug 50 outfits you’re not going to wear around, or worse realise that nothing you packed goes together and you have nothing to wear! First…

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