Zucchini Slice | Hiding Veges the Yummy Way

Do you struggle to come up with healthy lunchbox options other than sandwiches/wraps and fruit? Or do you need an easy way to add some jam packed protein and veg to your toddler’s diet? I have been making this Zucchini Slice for Bebe since he started on finger foods, it’s so quick to make and is a great way to use up left over veg. It’s also freezer friendly, so I often freeze lunch box sizes for kindy days.


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Bebe’s Farm Themed Birthday Party


And just like that Bebe is five!

This year the theme was Farm (we do a theme each year) because Bebe LOVES animals. Gingham, plaid, red and animals were abundant… well maybe not the animals… being 8 months pregnant AND because Bebe invited is ENTIRE kindy class, we decided that a baby animal petting zoo would be the best entertainment for the party and unfortunately the company decided not to show up!


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Hello Lovelies!
Here is this week’s Wish List… we’re less than a month out from Bebe’s 5th birthday, which is the milestone he’s been marking as the baby coming AFTER. This means we’ve put off doing too much baby or nursery prep, which is HARD! So as his birthday draws nearer and I am able to start planning the nursery, I’ve been thinking of the style and colours I’ll be using this time. As we don’t know the gender and I am a lover of this shade anyway, grey is the theme and simplicity is the style since the nursery isn’t a big room.


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Champagne S’il Vous Plaît


Champagne S’il Vous Plaît is a space for me to share my life as a busy Mama with a fashion business… a creative outlet for all things Mama, Style and Lifestyle.

I aim to inspire you to glam up your Mama Uniform (while still being practical) and look after yourself (instead of being the last on the list) and will encourage a cheeky glass of champagne at all times (go on… you deserve it!).

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