All the outfits from my Girl’s Weekend in Melbourne, including links!

AIRPORT | Brisbane to Melbourne

MELBOURNE | Girl’s Weekend Outfits

BRUNCH | The Kettle Black

MELBOURNE | Girl’s Weekend Outfits

THEATRE | Hamilton

MELBOURNE | Girl’s Weekend Outfits

WINERY TOUR | Yarra Valley

DINNER | Tippy Tay

EXPLORING, SHOPPING & AIRPORT | Melbourne to Brisbane

The best advice i can give when traveling is to plan your outfits and outfit combinations before packing to mix and match your pieces and make sure you don’t take anything unecessarily!

Rachael x

2 replies on “MELBOURNE | Girl’s Weekend Outfits

  1. Loved all these outfits. Stunning is the dress from forever new 💚 I’m after a coat for work. You have given me some ideas. Thank you as always xx
    Your the best my friend x

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