In case you haven’t heard yet… I’m going to Melbourne with Dianne for my birthday in June! In case you can’t tell… I’m SO EXCITED!

Every time I’ve visited Melbourne in the past it has been in Winter and I ADORE IT. Probably because in Brisbane we have Brinter… Brisbane Winter aka fake Winter! I dream of a proper cold Winter with proper Winter fashion!

Obviously as excited as I am to go down and spend the weekend with Dianne, I’m equally excited for the outfits I’m going to pack! I’ve been doing my research and here’s our itinerary and what I’m going to be packing…

NB: Click on the BOLD/word for the link to each item x


We’re flying down in the evening, so I want to be comfortable yet stylish, and also warm! I can start with the basic outfit in Brisbane and add the coat when we arrive in chilly Melbourne!

Winter Plane/Travelling Outfit
  • Tights: Styled correctly tights are the perfect travelling item, so comfortable! These seamed ribbed tights are more flattering and dressy than standard workout tights. Perfect for layering with some elevated pieces.
  • Earrings: The easiest way to elevate a basic outfit is with accessories, and these gorgeous pearl and gold hoops are subtle and elegant.
  • Backpack: When travelling you need more room than a standard handbag/crossbody for the phone charger, snacks, water bottle, emotional support chapstick, etc PLUS you want your hands free for when you need to get your luggage so a backpack is the perfect option.
  • Coat: When travelling you want to make the most out of each item you pack and this gorgeous duster coat elevates a casual outfit and is dressy for a more formal outfit. The beautiful camel colour is a gorgeous neutral for all colours and tones as well.
  • Sweater: The detail in the sweater and beautiful cream colour elevate this sweater from basic, while still remaining comfortable. Will look best slightly oversized.
  • Shoes: There will probably be a lot of walking when in Melbourne (hello shopping!) and comfortable shoes are a must. If your white sneakers are in good condition and clean, there’s no reason you can’t wear them with an elevated sports luxe outfit without looking daggy,


The next morning we will probably have a slow start after such a late arrival, so we need a cute outfit that will take us from brunch to an exciting boutique visit (can you guess who we’ll be visiting?).

Winter Brunch & Boutique Visit Outfit
  • Blazer: The perfect way to jazz up a jeans outfit is with a blazer, and the boucle of this gorgeous blazer adds texture and excitement to a simple outfit.
  • Jeans: Versatile jeans are a must when travelling, these high waisted and straight leg stile in mid wash can be dressed up or down.
  • Tank: Keeping the attention on the blazer, just a simple tank underneath is all that’s needed. In white to keep the outfit fresh.
  • Boots: A lower block heel means these will still be comfortable for walking, and the white is fresh and versatile while the black heel means you can easily tie in darker colours when necessary.
  • Bag: Since we don’t necessarily need to be hands free the crescent bag elevates the outfit a touch more and the white ties in the boots and overall freshness of the outfit.
  • Earrings: Once again the earrings are elegant and subtle, this time small studs with pearl hoop. Sometimes less is more especially with the texture of the boucle.


Dianne has booked a surprise for us on the Friday night and told me I need a ‘Boujee’ outfit. So adding glamour with the pleats and pop of colour was a no brainer!

Boujee Friday Night Surprise Outfit
  • Dress: I’ve lusted after this dress for awhile now, so I think this is the perfect opportunity to take it for a birthday spin!
  • Heels: Stunning pop of colour with the heels, they probably aren’t the best for walking long distances so I hope we’re ubering!
  • Clutch: The gorgeous diamante clutch adds some glamour and is a good size to fit what we need.
  • Earrings: Adding a little bling and tying in the clutch with some sparkly hoops!
  • Coat: As I said above, this coat is so versatile! And given the dress is shorter the length of the coat will keep my legs warm!


So my first options were all dresses with boots but so many of you beautiful Melbournians reached out with a giggle to tell me I was dreaming, I’d be too cold! So I’ve reverted to a jeans outfit that still is super cute!

Winter Winery Tour Outfit
  • Fedora: Not only a cute accessory, if it’s windy then I won’t have to worry about my hair!
  • Knit Top: Dianne and I already have this gorgeous knit top and it’s so comfortable and versatile. Perfect alone or layered with the coat.
  • Crossbody Bag: I figure we will need our hands free for wine tasting so a crossbody it is! The gold accents add some glam. The black ties in with the heel of the boots as well.
  • Scarf: In case it’s extra windy and/or chilly a snuggly scarf will add warmth while the caramel tones tie in with the coat.
  • Boots: from above.
  • Coat: from above.


We’re meeting some Melbourne based friends for cocktails that evening (after a nap ha ha) so another dressy outfit is required, although not as dressy as Friday night. Reusing most of the items of previous outfits and just adding in a new frock!

Melbourne Winter Cocktails Outfit
  • Dress: A simple yet effective outfit base is a rib knit dress. With the blazer to add warmth and to dress it up, the earrings and clutch add some extra glam.
  • Blazer: As above.
  • Bag: As above.
  • Earrings: As above.
  • Boots: As above.


We don’t leave until the afternoon on Sunday, so a leisurely brunch and shopping expedition is the perfect way to end our fab girl’s weekend away!

Melbourne Sunday Brunch Outfit
  • Sunglasses: I think we’ll sunglasses after Saturday!
  • Knit Hoodie: Warm and casual yet again elevated due to the quality knit fabric, the hoodie looks cute alone and layered with the coat.
  • Crossbody Bag: We will need our hands free to shop and hold coffees so a crossbody it is!
  • Shoes: Perfect for a casual brunch and walking around Melbourne.
  • Coat: As above.
  • Jeans: As above.


And a little tweak of swapping over to the backpack and changing into matching knit sweats (elevated casual) for the plane ride back to Brisbane!

Melbourne Winter Plane Outfit

And there’s my Melbourne Girl’s Weekend Capsule, what do you think!

Rachael x

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