I’ve been asked a lot lately for help on how to style curvy shapes for work, and for work from home. So I decided to create a Casual Corporate Capsule Wardrobe that takes the stress out of choosing what to wear either to work from home or in a casual corporate workplace.

I have curated 12 beautiful, high quality and versatile pieces that mix and match to create over 50 outfits! There are two denim items in the capsule, but as not all workplaces allow denim, I have added an alternative option in the links below. Now to introduce the pieces!


You can check all the pieces out in the Back to Work with Champagne S’il Vous Plait tab on the Feather & Noise website!

All the pieces that I’ve included also come in other colour ways, so if you prefer more monochrome or more colour or brown tones etc then you can easily swap the pieces to suit.

I also kept the shoes to a capsule as well, with a mix of heels to even sneakers for casual Friday’s or development days where you can be more relaxed.

Styling the Flynn Shorts:

Styling the Haley Skirt:

Styling the Bonnie Cullotes:

Styling the Dylan Straight Leg Pants:

Styling the Tyla Ribbed Dress:

Styling the Brooklyn Mom Jeans:

I’ve shown you 45 ways to style these pieces, but the options are endless! My top tips are to size up with ribbed or satin pieces to ensure they don’t cling to your curves or pull in an unflattering manner, and to have fun!

Rachael x

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