Recently Dianne and were talking (as we do, daily ha ha) about how we had let looking after ourselves get to the bottom of the list.

Between when I was unwell with gall stones and subsequent hospitalization and procedures/surgery at the same as we very suddenly and to our surprise sold our house, bought another and moved in… I had got into some bad habits of convenience and lack of care.

Dianne & I swapping the cheese platter for fresh veg while on Be Fit Food Metabolism Reset

December is Dianne’s busiest time of the year as a hairdresser, and she knows that she is too tired to prepare like she should so doesn’t eat properly (or at all some days), doesn’t keep up with water and relies on coffee to survive.

It was time for us to put our names at the top of the list and to really take care of our health, form better habits and feel good in our skin.

Previously I have done Be Fit Food, a month just before Bambino’s first birthday and then a reset about 9 months later (fortnight). Both times I felt better, had more energy, slept better and yes lost some weight. I find I’m just not that body type who loses a lot of weight on the scale easily, but I definitely lose centimeters and my clothes fit better when I do Be Fit Food. I have discount codes and a giveaway at the end of the blog for you!

Perks of doing Be Fit Food with a friend… swapping meals

We usually do most things together, but doing the program together really kept us both motivated and on track even during such a busy time (we completed the two weeks in December right before Christmas – some may say it’s bad timing but for us it was perfect). We ordered different meals and swapped some, swapped half our Protein Balls so we had more flavours, reminded each other to keep up with our water and more.

A snack on Be Fit Food – 2 BFF Dim Sims and Fresh Vegetables from the allowed list.

The food is delcious and easy to prepare, our favourite was definitely the Dim Sims, I could easily eat them with steamed vegetables from the allowed list as a meal every single day they taste so good! We also got creative with our meals, like creating San Choy Bow with the Beef Chow Mein in lettuce cups.

A day on my plate used to look like: coffee, toast crusts left over from the kids meals, coffee, some left over chicken nuggets from the kids lunches and maybe some carrot, coffee, dinner with the family (too much portion wise because I was starving from not eating properly), a wine, late night snack of cheese and crackers because I stayed up too late. Now it looks like the below with 1-2 iced black coffees and 3+ Liters of water a day:

We feel great, have so much energy and sleep so much better. We’ve also both found that we’re mindful of what we reach for. Rather than something snack of carbohydrates/salt etc filled pre packaged, we have a protein ball or fresh vegetable crudités.

Now even though this wasn’t our motivation, I’m sure you want to see the visual physical results from the Metabolism Reset. Both of us lost less than 2kgs over the fortnight (you can lose up to 5kgs however it depends on your body type, your eating, if you stick to it 100%, your cycle (I stalled the second week as I had my period, however I was far less bloated and uncomfortable than I usually am during that time) but we lost a lost of centimeters. I definitely recommend taking your measurements each week while doing the reset as it can be so surprising the changes your body makes OTHER than the scale.

We’re so happy with how we’re feeling and the results that we’ve already ordered another Metabolism Reset for after Christmas. There will inevitably be some indulging over Christmas which is totally fine, and we want to continue to cement our healthy habits.


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