My rainbow loving rainbow requested another rainbow cake this year, but this time with his beloved Bluey.

I decided to keep the actual decorations easy, using his Bluey character toys and adding swirl lollipos and sprinkles. My plan was to create an epic layered rainbow cake, and purchased quite a few white mud cake mixes from the supermarket… only to get quite unwell and be unable to bake them. Coles to the rescue! I got two of their Rainbow cakes instead.

Coles Cake Hack | Bambino’s Rainbow Bluey Birthday

I committed to the rainbow theme by adding the Kmart Heavy Duty Reusable Table Cover and making a Bluey themed Balloon Garland using balloons from Discount Party Supplies (in Cream, Orange and Light Blue Pearl).

Coles Cake Hack | Bambino’s Rainbow Bluey Birthday



  • Open the lid of one Rainbow Cake and gently smush almost all the sprinkles around the sides (doesn’t have to be neat), save a few for on top.
  • Refrigerate both Rainbow Cakes until icing is hard.
  • Remove both from the packaging, putting the sprinkled cake on the cake stand first and then the plain on top.
  • Using a spatula or knife that has been sitting in hot water for a minute, smooth the icing where the cakes join.
  • Unwrap 5-7 of each coloured lollipops and place half at the back only partially pushed in, and the rest at the front pushed in quite low – stagger the heights.
  • Sprinkle the remaining sprinkles around the top and add the Candle and Characters.
Coles Cake Hack | Bambino’s Rainbow Bluey Birthday

Rachael x

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