Have you heard of Mr Consistent? 2 Ingredient Cocktails FOR. THE. WIN. Mr Consistent looks after blending the most delicious mixer and you add the alcohol. Boujee baby!

Cocktails | Mr Consistent

My first Mr Consistent mixer I sampled was the El Peachy, a collaboration with Elsa’s Wholesome Life. A Peach & Blueberry Sour best mixed with Tequila or Gin, and as per the website’s recommendation… Ellie’s pick is El Peachy, mixed with Tequila and served with a chilli salt rim.

Cocktails | Mr Consistent x Elsa’s Wholesome Life El Peachy Sour

The Chilli Salt rim had just enough heat to add some spice, without overpowering the subtle flavours in the El Peachy. I used gin, and definitely enjoyed the cocktail!

Cocktails | Mr Consistent Cosmo

Next I sampled the Cosmo, made famous by those girls in the city but elevated with touches of oils and orange blossom water for a deluxe Cosmo, I swapped the traditional lemon twist for Cocktail Florals.

Last but not least, my favourite from the three, Stitch Up Mixer. The Surf Stitch x Mr. Consistent cocktail collab is a Pineapple and Mandarin Sour that works best with White Rum or your favourite white spirit like Vodka, Gin or Coconut Tequila. I used Bacardi (white rum) and added a Citrus Sugar Rim and garnished with a dried orange.

Cocktails | The Surf Stitch x Mr Consistent Stitch Up

Such a fresh and delicious sour, and the addition of the citrus rim just took it next level! The gorgeous blue hue was visually appealing whilst sipping as well!

I also added to cart the Sangria mixer, but haven’t had a chance to try it yet! Will keep you posted.

Rachael x

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