In my quest to revamp our house Bambino’s room was next on the list, expedited by the fact that he decided to finally realise he could climb OUT of his cot. Honestly I would have kept him in his cot until he was 21 if I could ha ha!

Once again I stayed quite true to the inspo board I did up (you can check out the blog here) with just a few slight changes. As with Bebe’s room, we still need to renovate his wardrobe (we are going to replace the doors with mirror sliding doors and add a storage carcass into the current built in to update the storage) and replace the old day/night blinds with a white blockout blind and sheer curtains from ceiling to floor and wall to wall like we did in the lounge room.

As a reminder here is the vision board for his room:

Bambino’s Bedroom Update Vision Board


And now the AFTER!

IKEA Australia TROFAST Storage System

Little boys have LOTS of toys! So I knew that I wanted lots of storage, and a type that could keep the different toys organised nice and handy for play time. I’ve had my eye on the Ikea Australia TROFAST for awhile and it definitely is as amazing as I thought it would be! I got a combination of large tubs and medium/small for all his toys. The metal decorative trunks are from Kmart but have sold out, they add some character and colour to his room. We put some of Bambino’s favourite books in his room for easy access (previously they were in the playroom) and it has definitely encouraged him to read more!

Bambino’s Bedroom Revamp

The frame, animal planters (we’ve used them as crayon holders) and lamp are from Kmart. The Robert Gordon mug was a gift for Bambino’s first birthday and the print is from Etsy however I won’t link the store as I wasn’t happy with the transaction.

The bed we chose is from Luxo Living, it’s the Helena Teepee Pine Timber Single Bed. We thought it added to his Around the World vibe and made for a great first bed.

Luxo Living Helena Teepee Pine Timber Single Bed

Naturally we chose an Ecosa mattress, both Bambino and we have one and it’s the best mattress! We also chose Glacial Green Bamboo Sheets from Ecosa for a beautiful soft pop of colour.

Ecosa Mattress and Bamboo Sheets

The super cute Palm Tree (or Palm Apple Trees as Bambino calls them) quilt cover and pillow case are from Peacocks & Paisleys. It’s the perfect additional to the world theme, and adds character. I added a dusty pink cushion from Kmart for some extra colour.

Peacocks & Paisleys Polka Dot Palm Tree Quilt Cover & Pillow Case

It’s quite a simple room but it’s functional, has a lot of storage, still has character and is cute, and also is versatile to grow as Bambino does!


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