Cardigans are here to stay, but you don’t just have to wear them the one way or keep them at home! Cardigans can be just as stylish as any other knit.

Mabel & Woods released this super cute Bella Cardigan last night and I have a feeling it won’t last long! Don’t forget my code CSVP10 for 10% OFF.

The fitted cuff detail on the cardigan is my favourite detail, knits who’s sleeves soften with your body heat and then get too big and slouchy drive me crazy! And the cropped length means the knit isn’t too bulky.

How To | Style A Cardigan

WITH SHORTS | Who said cardigan aren’t sexy?! All you need is some leather shorts and knee high boots and voila, sexy cardigan! This look would work well with tailored shorts or a shorter skirt if leather shorts aren’t your thing. But they should be if they’re not!


How To | Style A Cardigan

OVER DRESSES | The cropped length of the cardigan means it’s perfect for layering over shorter dresses. You can layer it over any length dress, but longer cardigans are awkward over shorter dresses.


How To | Style A Cardigan

WITH JEANS | Okay so this isn’t ground breaking, but mix up WHICH jeans you pair them with, and what shoes you wear too! Boyfriend styles, flares, straight leg… they all suit a cardigan! And you can dress up the overall look with boots and heels rather than keeping with sneakers.


How would do you wear your cardigans?


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