I used to stick to ‘safe’ shoes, never venturing into the world of colour and/or print because I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear them often… how I was wrong!

A statement pair of boots immediately elevates an outfit, and if you keep the rest of your outfit simple it can really do all the hard work of styling for you! Enter the aptly named Rach Boots from Frankie4.

Frankie4 Footwear RACH Boots

WEAR WITH COLOUR | Prints love colour! Especially a neutral toned animal print boot like the Rach. From soft tones to bright palettes, pairing colours and prints is always a good idea.


Frankie4 Footwear RACH Boots

WEAR WITH PRINTS | That’s right, print clash time baby! Prints love a print! If you’re new to print on print then stick to the same tones like I have here.


Frankie4 Footwear RACH Boots

WEAR IT WITH MONOCHROME | As I said earlier, the bonus of a statement boot is it does all the style work for you. Wearing a full monochrome outfit and adding a pop of a statement boot looks chic, never boring!


How would you style the Frankie4 Footwear RACH Boots ?

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