It can be so easy to get into a rut with your knitwear, and just wear it with the same item over and over! But knitwear is much more versatile than you realise!


There’s your classic blue denim – I think this is the most common way to style knitwear with most people! You can dress up even a casual outfit by swapping out sneakers for a dressier shoe such as the backless mule and adding a crossbody satchel.


Same same but different… black denim is a dressier option and looks amazing with ankle boots. As the knit is lighter in colour I’ve book ended the black jeans with a similar coloured ankle boot.


Knits and maxi skirts actually go hand in hand! They’re the perfect mix of flirty and cosy. Keeping tones similar or a monochrome look will make it easier to mix and match.


Knits are the perfect way to get longer out of your summer frocks! I have a tutorial on how to get the perfect tuck here.


Although there may not be a lot of occasions where the weather is suitable for such a stark contrast in seasonal items, shorts and knits are the cutest combo! Casual with denim or dressed up with tailored shorts, this is something everyone should try!


Which is your favourite styling?

Rachael x

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