We have been wanting to update Bebe’s bedroom for almost a year now, you may remember this blog that I put together with my plans/inspiration for his room update last year! He had completely outgrown the set up, and while we still need to update his window furnishings (we want to replace the old day/night blinds with a white blockout blind and sheer curtains from ceiling to floor and wall to wall like we did in the lounge room) and renovate his wardrobe (we are going to replace the doors with mirror sliding doors and add a storage carcass into the current built in to update the storage) it’s mostly done!

As a reminder this is the vision board that I put together:

Bebe’s Bedroom Update Vision Board

I actually stayed quite true to the original vision we had, keeping the blue and mustard theme and the majority of the pieces – we did however change the dinosaur theme and there are slight changes to the lamp, locker and desk chair.


And now the AFTER!


We are so in love with the space, we will add more touches to personalise once Bebe has settled into the room, but he is CHUFFED with his new bedroom!

Luxo Living Kallisto Velvet Bed Frame in Ocean Blue

We chose the Luxo Living Kallisto Velvet Bed Frame in Ocean Blue as it’s a great height (doesn’t block out the window), the velvet is luxe and fun, really affordable ($349 with free delivery!) and adds a lot of personality to the room. It does come in other sizes and colours too!

The bedside table is a metal locker from Kmart – it is meant to be mustard but is more of an orange colour. You definitely get what you pay for ($39) the legs just sit into the frame and fall out if you lift it up, however it suits our budget for now and eventually I’d like to replace it with a Mustard Made The Shorty Locker in mustard ($199).

The lamp and alarm clock are both from IKEA. I wanted a lamp that was on the floor and arched over the bedside table for light for reading, to free up the top of the bedside table for bibs and bobs, the Ikea RANARP Floor/Reading Lamp ($69) was perfect and I loved the touch of brass on it. I grabbed the Ikea DEKAD Alarm Clock ($10) on a whim while at Ikea (Ikea and Kmart amiright… go in for one thing and leave with twenty ha ha!) and it fits in perfectly!


Originally I bought a checked Quilt Cover from Temple & Webster, however when I put the room together I realised the Navy base didn’t go with the Teal blue of the velvet bed and it felt too dark for the room. So when I was at Ikea I spotted this TRÄDKRASSULA Quilt Cover for the bargain price of $13 and knew it was a match made in heaven – the blues are an exact match! I’ll pop a picture of the two quilt covers side by side below so you can see the difference it makes having a lighter base colour.

Now the story of the poster! At dinner I had asked Bebe what sort of posters he would like to be in his room. At first he thought Minecraft, but when we couldn’t find any that weren’t horrendous (I thought surely someone somewhere had made a Minecraft Alphabet poster… but I couldn’t find one!) we decided to list all his favourite things and go from there. His top two were sushi and cats. At first I was not keen on the idea of cat posters in his new room, but dutifully looked at cat options, then sushi options. In our sushi search Bebe saw Jess Chen’s Sushi Cat poster and FELL IN LOVE. I quote “I need that poster, I don’t care about the pink because what matters most is the sushi and the cats”.

I tracked Jess down on Etsy and Instagram and messaged her to see if she could potentially change the poster to a mustard background and landscape and she said yes! So I ordered the poster via her Etsy shop and kept it as a secret to surprise Bebe with. As you can see it’s the perfect poster for his room, I framed it in a Kmart A1 Poster Frame above his desk. The pen cup is also from Kmart.

Bebe pointing out his favourite Sushi Cat (Tobiko Ship naturally) on Jess Chen Sushi Cat Poster

Speaking of desks, we wanted one that gave a lot of space for Bebe to write and draw at, build lego etc but didn’t take a lot of room up. We found the Vigo Desk from Mocka, ($149.95) with the slim long desktop it has plenty of space and storage and with the A frame base it doesn’t take up a lot of room. We paired it with the Mack Dining Chair ($49)as I decided against a chair with wheels (can you imagine the mischief) and the hardwearing plastic will withstand the love of a growing boy ha ha!

Mocka Vigo Desk & Mack Chair

Naturally we needed a new mattress as we upsized Bebe’s bed and as we have been so happy with our Ecosa mattress on our bed we knew we would get one for Bebe too. Growing bones and bodies need a lot of support! Both boys love our bed and always ask to sleep in our bed with us so hopefully now he has his own Ecosa Mattress, Bebe will stay in his own bed!

Ecosa Mattress

Bebe also loves our Ecosa Bamboo Sheets, he calls them ‘magic’ sheets because they’re so soft and silky they ripple when you shake them out making the bed, and they had the perfect mustard colour for his room so of course we got them too! With the silky mustard bamboo sheets and lush velvet blue bed, it really makes the perfect centerpiece for the room!

Ecosa Bamboo Bedding

We’re so happy with how Bebe’s new room has turned out, next on the list is Bambino’s Big Boy Room!

Bebe’s Room Revamp


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