The time has come… goodbye baby bag and HELLO handbags!

After 3.5 years with the baby bag, I am finally back to the stage of being able to head out without 50 million bits and pieces. I’m down to about 5 million #kids

I have no idea what I did prior to my baby bag, because apparently I have no bags now! So while I was researching for myself I thought I’d share my finds in case they’re helpful for you!

The Tote Bag

TOP RHS TO BOTTOM LHS: Country Road Heritage Leather Shopper Tote $249.00 | Kmart Organiser Tote Bag $25.00 | Mimco D-Vine Work Tote Bag $479.00 | Status Anxiety Fire On The Vine $299.95 | Seed Heritage Leather Minimal Tote $229.95 | Status Anxiety Abandon $299.95


The Shoulder Bag

TOP RHS TO BOTTOM LHS: Mimco Optimist Tote $599.00 | Country Road Ayla Hobo $279.00 | Kmart Slouch Shoulder Bag $18.00 | Seed Heritage Weave Detail Sling $69.95 | Status Anxiety Don’t Ask $319.95 | Status Anxiety Last Mountains $299.95


The Crossbody Bag

TOP RHS TO BOTTOM LHS: Country Road Piped Detail Crossbody Bag $79.95 | Kmart Fold Zip Crossbody Bag $12.00 | Mimco Fantasy Crossbody bag $199.00 | Status Anxiety Plunder $199.95 | Status Anxiety The Ascendants $219.95 | Seed Heritage Leather Duo Sling $129.95


The Bucket Bag

TOP RHS TO BOTTOM LHS: Kate Spade Eva Small Bucket Bag $324.50 (sale) | Maverick & CO Eloise Bucket Tote $116.00 (sale) | Mimco Serenity Pouche Bucket Bag $199.00 | Status Anxiety Premonition $229.95 | The Horse The Bucket Bag $179.00 | Tony Bianco Doris Bucket Bag $89.95


The Backpack

TOP RHS TO BOTTOM LHS: Country Road Flocked Logo Backpack $129.00 | Kmart Double Zip Backpack $12.00 | Mimco Mim-Mazing Zip Backpack $199.00 | Status Anxiety People Like Us $299.95 | Belle & Bloom via The Iconic Camila Leather Backpack $159.95 (sale) | Fossil via The Iconic Amelia Brown Backpack $200.00 (sale)


I hope you’ve found your dream bag, I know I have now found several!

Rachael xx

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