Jokes. I still have fries.

It’s no secret that I’ve never been fond of exercise. I’m quite open about the fact that I have lived my life preferring to cut calories than sweat it out in any shape or form. It’s sad to say that it took 35 years for me to alter my mindset from exercise makes you skinny to exercise makes you healthy.

But let’s start at the beginning. For those of you who have followed along my via Instagram most of this will be familiar, but if you haven’t then I present to you…. the physical and mental transformation of one 35 year old mother of two courtesy of Raw By Bek.

Ah nothing like a good Before & After amiright!

Let’s start at the very beginning. February 2020… just before COVID19 became an actual ‘thing’ in Australia. Raw By Bek is literally just down the road and offer a FREE 7 Day Trial, Bek reached out to me to see if I would be interested in doing the trial. I said I’d think about it (I was happily attending Studio Pilates sessions a couple times a week and patting myself on the back for keeping that up ha ha). She mentioned that there was a challenge coming up, and I contemplated it.

Then COVID really hit Australia and I pulled Bebe out of school early because of his lung history and obviously couldn’t risk going to a gym (although they were and still are very dilligent with hygiene and COVID safe precautions I couldn’t justify taking him out of school and starting at a new public place myself). I think the word of 2020 was PIVOT and RBB PIVOTED as fast as they could and set up their awesome online portal, allowing members to work out with them anywhere at any time. But I just couldn’t commit to another thing on my plate amidst home schooling, two active boys with cabin fever, a world going crazy…

And so started my COVID drinking.

Darn that fridge

My clothes weren’t fitting, I lived my life in leisurewear (see prior point), I felt sluggish, I ate too many carbs and drank too much wine, I was stressed and cranky. I didn’t like me. I didn’t feel like me. Something HAD to change!

At approximately 8pm Friday 3rd July 2020 I poured myself a glass of wine, sat down and scrolled some Insty (none of this is or was unusual for me ha ha). And a post of Raw By Bek’s came up on my feed, I think it was a Before & After from a previous challenge. On the spur of the moment I messaged Bek about her FREE 7 Day Trial… and she replied straight away to so well actually my 8 week challenge starts tomorrow should I book you in for 7am? okurrrrrrrrrrrr……. I put down my wine and said to Pete “I need to go to bed, I’ve just joined an 8 week challenge” and he laughed (understandably) before realising I was serious!

Thank goodness for 9am creche

Click here to read my six week recap, essentially I stumbled and puffed my way through killer beats full of awesome moves that I had no idea how to do ha ha! What I really appreciated was the two trainers at the front, who show the high intensity and low intensity options to each move so the unfit (like me) or injured don’t hurt themselves or run away screaming afraid. There were some weeks where I hit five work outs, some where I was lucky to make two… but the entire time the team was positive, supportive and friendly. I even made friends! (Secretly I’m an introvert. I think the term is an extroverted introvert?)

Hi Sally! So supportive and friendly right from the get-go! I taught her how to do a boomerang and she pushed me to be the best I can be just by being her hype-girl self!

And before I knew it I had completed my first EVER 8 Week Challenge! I had sweat, sworn, and cheered through 8 weeks of HIIT exercise. I had gone from scared and anxious, stumbling and uncoordinated (okay I’m still uncoordinated) to confident and happy. I felt good. I felt stronger. Then it came to scan time. The scale hadn’t moved. I didn’t lose anything at all. I was devastated. Gaining 1 kilogram of muscle and losing 1.3% body fat didn’t really mean anything to me at that point. Didn’t you do 8 week challenges to emerge a thinner butterfly at the end? Then the girls sent through the Before & After Photos and I cried. Tears of relief.

And I signed up to the next 8 Week Challenge that started two weeks later.

Jacinta aka Ms 48 Squat Pulses

And guess what. Your girl came SECOND! From never working out, hating exercise and looking at ‘those’ people who work out like ughhhhhh…. to completing two 8 week challenges, coming second, loving exercise…. becoming one of THOSE PEOPLE! I lost 3kgs on the scale, 4.1% Body Fat and gained 1.1kg of muscle. This meant something to me this time, a lot to me. I’m not that person who can lose 8kgs in 8 weeks I’m that person who has to work really hard to lose any weight. But guess what, it’s no longer the reason I workout. It’s a great side effect now. I don’t ‘punish’ my body with exercise, I move my body because it makes me feel strong, happy and healthy.

And you guessed it. I signed up to the next challenge – a 28 Day Heartbeat Challenge. 100% to get the MyZone heart rate monitor ha ha. Seeing what percentage of effort I’m expending, how many calories I’m burning, working towards effort points and goals each month…. uh yes please.

Celebrating Raw By Bek’s 4th Birthday, working out the morning after the RBB Christmas Party, getting my sweat on Christmas Eve, making friends… what a fantastic 6 months it has been!

My only complaint is that my boobs haven’t reduced and my booty hasn’t increased. But that’s genetics LOL.

If you’re Brisbane based I encourage you to come in studio and check out the 7 Day FREE trial, if you’re based literally ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD then I encourage you to check out the 7 Day FREE ONLINE trial! If I can get fit and fall in love with working out, ANYONE CAN!

Rachael x

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