The boys have popped together a little list of presents they think are the top gift ideas for Christmas this year, because we all want faces like this on Christmas morning don’t we!

We also have an AMAZING GIVE AWAY for you, details at the end x

The joy of unwrapping EXACTLY what you asked Santa for!

First up (of course) is the new Paw Patrol Dino Patroller (you may remember the Christmas Gift Guide the boys did last year was chock full of Paw Patrol!). Available at Target, Big W, Myer, Toy stores etc I will link BIG W but just google if it says sold out.

Paw Patrol Dino Patroller

It is motorised and the tread on the wheels grabs and pulls it forward – it even climbs over things! Chase comes with the Dino Patroller, and a T-Rex that can be caught with the nets that shoot out of the launcher. There’s room in the back for one of the cabs (sold separately) and the mouth of the Dino opens and closes by pushing his tail. A huge hit with both boys!

For active kids the Monster Jam RC Megalodon Storm is a blast! Bambino gives it a red hot go don’t you worry, but with it’s awesome large wheels it is all terrain and Bebe loves creating tracks for it to go through. From mud to rocks to snow to WATER it can do it all! He’s also driven it in his cousin’s pool!

For the little builders in your life you can’t go past the Meccano Junior 150 Piece Open Ended Bucket. Bebe has had Meccano before but LOVES that this kit allows him to let his imagination run wild and build whatever he likes.

Meccano Junior 150 Piece Open Ended Bucket

He has already built vehicles, robots and animals! And I often find him in the morning quietly building away in his room. Perfect for school holidays!

Notable mentions:

Present Pets Puppies | These puppies are SO excited to meet you! Once the gift tag tab being pulled they shake with anticipation and park and paw their way out of the box into your child’s heart! You don’t know which puppy will emerge, adding to the excitement!

Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers | Switch your Pixie on and watch as her glittery wings begin to flutter and spin. Let her go and she’ll magically fly – use your Pixie Power to guide her! Featuring a built-in sensor, your Crystal Flyers Pixie can sense where your hands are as you help her to fly indoors. Lift your hands high and she’ll fly high, move them low and she’ll fly low, dancing through the air! As she hovers above your hands, her glittery wings sparkle as she flies! With enough practice, you and your Pixie are on your way to becoming the best air dancers in Hatchtopia! 

AS PROMISED – WE HAVE A GIVEAWAY FOR YOU! If you don’t already follow me on Instagram then make sure you do! Tomorrow morning we are going live with a massive giveaway with over $250 worth of gifts including: Monster Jam Magalodon Storm RC, Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Studio, Blockbuster Party Game, Twisty Girlz, and Batman RC Launch & Defend Batmobile!

Rachael, Bebe & Bambino xx

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