If you’ve followed me for awhile you will know that I cook the boys eggs almost every morning. In fact, they often have two breakfasts ha ha! Like little Hobbits. When they first wake up I make them a smoothie to have while I prep breakfast, lunches and get everything ready for the day and then later on they have eggs. I feel comfortable then knowing that no matter what the rest of the day holds regarding food they’ve had their probiotics, greens powder, fruit and protein (yoghurt, milk, cheese, eggs, ham etc).

I do like to mix things up though so they don’t get boring, and I saw this recipe on I Heart Kmart’s stories a few months ago and the boys are obsessed! You can add salad to make it a full meal, or if your kids don’t like salad (mine don’t) you can add carrot and apple slices. I do this if they haven’t had a smoothie or want it for lunch.

Minimal prep and cooking time, this is going to be your new favourite too!




2 Eggs lightly beaten

25g Ham

25g Grated Cheese

1 Tortilla or Wrap

Spray Oil




1. Heat a large frypan over Medium High heat and spray with cooking oil

2. Pour beaten eggs into pan and move pan around until bottom is evenly coated

3. Once eggs are half set/cooked, lay the wrap over the top and press lightly down with a spatula.

4. Once the eggs are full cooked, flip the wrap/egg over and place cheese and ham (and any other fillings you like) in the center and fold each side over. Lightly toast on each side.

5. Slice and serve with your choice of sides!


Enjoy while warm and cheese is melty!


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