It’s no secret that I enjoy matching my boys, although you would be surprised to find out that I didn’t start it! Bebe did! We were shopping one day and he asked me to get the same shirt for both himself and Bambino, and it went from there! Even now he yells out from his bedroom each night which pajamas he’s putting on so we can put the same on Bambino.

This started quite early on and as both boys are tall for their age it was fine as I could shop the size 1-7 bracket, but Bebe now wears a size 9-10 and Bambino is in a 4-5 so they’re different size brackets in most stores. And apparently once you size out of 7-8 as a boy you only like ugly black clothes in most chain stores #comeonpeople

So I’ve popped together a list of stores where you can match your older and younger boys to your heart’s content!



Cotton On Kids

I get the majority of the boys’ clothes from Cotton On Kids as it’s convenient, they often have sales and their size range is 2-10 for matching.



Best & Less

While I do find the older boy’s clothes disappointing at Best & Less, their basic tees and pajamas often match the younger boy’s range (which is substantially better).




Not only do Skwosh do super cute designs for boys size 2 to 10, but they also have matching men’s boardshorts as well! So you can match the whole family… if Hubby will let you!



Raised by The Desert

Designed in Brisbane and made ethically in Indonesia, this small business is 100% focused on the boys! From babies (000) to big boys (12) there is a lot of room for matching in this gorgeous brand!



Bronte Co

Another brand that has father and son AND father and daughter matching swimwear! starting at size 0 and going to size 10, there’s also some cool shirts/tanks and accessories for the kids as well!



Infamous Swim

Cute matching swimwear for Mama and her minis, Infamous swim has cute trunk style swimwear for boys sized 0 to 10.



Next Direct

I have bought A LOT of clothes for the boys from Next, particularly knits which they seem to do so well! I love that they have age ranges for clothing that overlap, the boys often get matching pieces from the ‘Older Boys’ range which actually is size 3 to 12. There’s also a ‘Younger Boys’ range which is 3 to 7 years.



Cheeky Chikadee

Unisex designs available in baby to size 10, there’s something for everyone at Cheeky Chikadee. They have both swimwear and clothing.



Beau Hudson

BH caters for the entire family, even Mum! With a boys range that goes from size 1 to 10 you can match your littles until your heart’s content! With everything from swimwear to denim, you can kit out your little men from top to toe.



Duke of London

With a huge size range of 1 to 14, and great streetwear style DOL is a fantastic brand for edgier boys (and girls).




With sizing 3 to 8, Milkshake is a cute yet edgy brand that suits the age range. Available exclusively at Myer.



If you have any other suggestions please let me know so I can add them in!


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