As you know we recently snuck off to Toowoomba for two nights to celebrate my birthday. I love the cold (Pete doesn’t ha ha) and in Brisbane we don’t really get a proper Winter, so Toowoomba is a great place to head in Winter for that lovely chill and winter leaves! We drove up on Sunday (only about an hour and twenty minutes drive) and stayed at Quest Toowoomba which is right in town so central to everything we could need. It’s also right across from Queen’s Park which not only makes for a beautiful view from our balcony, but is a great place to wear the kids out!

The Lobby of Quest Toowoomba is a century-old Church which was restored when the serviced apartments were built.
Such an elegant and culturally rich place to stay!

I purposefully chose to head up Sunday to Tuesday as I knew most places would still be have reduced hours of trading due to COVID-19 and it’s not yet school holidays, giving us the best opportunity to explore Toowoomba and spend time together as a family without distractions. We ended up spending most of our time exploring different parks and the boys had an absolute ball! Each afternoon we would rug up and enjoy a wine on the balcony watching the sun go down. It was heavenly and everything we could ask for from a family mini break.

If you have been to Toowoomba then you may recognise the bull statue from the Margaret St entrance of Fitzy’s and know that it is anatomically correct. The reason behind Bambino’s cheeky smile? He had just poked the private area of the bull and yelled “BARP!” right in front of an elderly couple. Luckily they laughed!
We took the boys for a walk around Toowoomba city centre so they could see the beautiful buildings!

When we had booked Quest Toowoomba I had mentioned that we were coming up on my birthday and the beautiful Team had a surprise hamper of local goodies and a bottle of champagne waiting in our room for us! In the hamper was a box with ‘kids only’ written on it and the boys were delighted to find jam donuts from The Bakers Duck just for them! Bebe told me they were the best donuts he has EVER eaten! There was fresh produce, milk and yoghurt from Barambah Organics, honey and jam from Wilgavale Organics, bacon from local Bunyaview Family Farm, 4 Brothers Brewing Toowoomba Lager for Pete and Chandon for me (plus loads more, like Tim Tams that Bambino scoffed down when we weren’t looking ha ha!).

Such a generous and wonderful surprise!

So after checking in and exploring the town a little it was time for lunch. I headed across the road to Queen’s Park to set up with the boys while Pete got some fish and chips. The boys ran around playing and we could see our hotel room from the park. It was a wonderful way to spend a few hours!

Fish & Chips in the park and you can see the apartments in the background!

Once it started to cool down (even more) we headed back to the apartment where the cheese platter I had ordered from Platter of Fact had been delivered. I actually ordered the graxing box the day before and Teryl was just amazing organising it for me so last minute. It was delicious with heaps of goodies both sweet and savoury and it was a perfect to enjoy as the sun set over our balcony enjoying the champagne Jenny and the Quest Toowoomba team had organised for us.

Cheers hubby!

And no birthday is complete without cake!


The next morning we were up bright and early (thanks to Bambino) and enjoyed a beautiful lazy (and delicious) breakfast in the comfort of our room thanks to the hamper and in room kitchenette. Everything was so fresh and delicious and it was so relaxed, I don’t know about you but Bambino isn’t at ‘café’ age yet so it’s a lot less stressful eating in than out!

Local produce!

After our delicious breakfast we headed up to Picnic Point, not only is it a scenic and fabulopus place to visit but Pete actually spent a few years of his childhood living one street away! He showed us the house he used to live in and regaled us with tales of his childhood that gave me grey hairs just listening to! When he was the same age as Bebe is now he used to skip school and head from Picnic Point across to Table Top Mountain with his older brother, keeping away from the ‘cranky’ farmer who owned the land then. So often in fact that he had to repeat Grade 2 because he had so many absent days!

What a view! That’s Table Top Mountain to the RHS

After exploring Picnic Point, the playground and stopping for a coffee (milkshake and chips for the boys) we headed down the road to the Witches Houses Playground.

After a big play we headed back to the apartment for some lunch an downtime before heading to Queen’s Park Playground to meet a friend and her kid’s for a picnic playdate!

The kids had an amazing time and once the sun started to dip (and therefore the temperature) we said our goodbyes and walked back to the apartments. We ordered in for dinner as the kids were so tired, they enjoyed a nice long bath and we enjoyed a wine on the balcony!


It was bittersweet waking up to our last day in Toowoomba, the boys wanted to stay longer and we did too! But we had some fun things planned for their last day, first stop wasLauren Bank Park with a Thomas Tank Engine train, park, loads of leaves and beautiful gardens!

Our last day!

While we were at Laurel Bank Park the boys discovered some decorated rocks! Apparently a rock hide and swap where you can leave decorated rocks and either hide or keep the ones you find! So much fun!


After Laurel Bank Park we headed to the Japanese Garden only about ten minutes down the road. The park called “Ju Raku En”, Japanese for “enjoying peace and longevity in a public place”, is absolutely gorgeous although Bambino did get quite upset that he couldn’t pat the ducks ha ha!


And with two very happy but tired boys in tow we grabbed some lunch and headed down the mountain (or ‘Woomba as Bambino calls Toowoomba) back home. We can’t wait to go back and visit again, with over 150 parks and gardens to visit there’s so much for us to explore! And we won’t hesitate to stay at Quest Toowoomba again!


Do you holiday in Toowoomba? I’m thinking next time a girl’s trip and wineries!


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