Hello Lovelies!

Like many of you, the transition to homeschooling has been a juggle for us. While Bebe is a keen learner and loves his schoolwork, he is easily distracted by his younger brother… who loves to distract! Never have I felt their five year age gap more than I have these last few weeks while trying to keep Bebe on task and assist him with his lessons, and at the same time keep Bambino entertained in a way that doesn’t completely distract his brother.

Admittedly an easy way to keep Bambino entertained while we do schoolwork is screen time, and we do use that tool, however I don’t want to rely heavily on it so I have come up with a few ideas that implemented to keep him occupied, and yes screen time is included in this list but in a creative and educational capacity.




We have had an Osmo Genius Kit for Bebe for over a year now, he loves using it and I love that it’s an educational and fun interactive way of learning. Recently we were sent the Little Genius Kit for Bambino and he loves it. He is a little too young, it is for ages 3+ but it keeps him occupied and he’s slowly getting the hang of how to play it. Bebe also loves it, even though it says up to 5. Bebe has the Detective Kit which is amazing for problem solving and was lucky enough to be sent Coding Jam & Coding Awbie, which teaches him how code a game all by himself and to create music!

Shop OSMO here.




This is a great craft idea for fellow non-craft loving mamas. The boards come pre-set up with sticky pictures and the kids peel a section off and colour it with sand until the whole picture is done. Bebe was able to do this by himself but Bambino needed supervision and assistance. It kept him incredibly occupued though so I could set him up at the table with Bebe and be there for both of them. Full disclosure, it’s very messy with toddlers… especially ones who like to blow sand everywhere and rub glitter on their faces ha ha!

Shop SANDSATION here. 





If your set up is similar to ours then you will be able to do some cooking with the toddler while your older children do their schoolwork. Bebe does his schoolwork on our dining room table which is right next to our kitchen. The boys cooked their own simple Pasta Carbonara from scratch the other day, you can find a heap of simple and easy recipes online. We used a 4 Ingredients recipe.

Check out 4 Ingredients for Kids Recipes here.





These kits look incredible and I have a few friends who have bought a I Heart Play playdough kit for their children, Bambino LOVES playdough (a little too much, he still eats it) and I know a kit like this would keep him SO entertained. Pictured above is the dinosaur kit however there is a huge range of kits and add ons to choose from. I love that everything is included so you literally just have to open the kit and let the kids play.

Shop I Heart Play Playdough Kits Here. 



If you have any great ideas to keep the smaller ones entertained while older children homeschool let me know!

Rachael x


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