You will notice I have posted a variety of Stroganoff recipes, it’s because it’s an easy recipe that I can hide vegetables in and I know the boys will eat. So I mix it up with what meat I use; chicken with hidden vegetables, chicken breast, mince and even sausages (no recipe posted). The boys love meatballs so today I’ve popped together a quick, easy and budget friendly.



These are Aldi products and pricing, but you can find similar in other supermarkets on sale or home brands.



1 Packet Meatballs

1 Packet Stroganoff Recipe Base

1 Packet Pasta

500g Sliced Mushrooms (we like lots of mushrooms and it makes the dinner stretch further!)

300g Sour Cream (we use half in the recipe and more to serve)

500g Frozen Baby Peas (we use a lot of baby peas however choose how much you put in per your personal preference).

OPTIONAL Shaved Parmesan to serve



  1. Brown the meatballs and add mushrooms to soften.
  2.  Cook Pasta to preference
  3. Make meal base per instructions and add to pan, let simmer. Add peas and sour cream and heat through.
  4. Serve on pasta and add extra sour cream and/or parmesan cheese if you like.



I hope you found that helpful, let me know if you make it!

Rachael x

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