More than ever at the moment we are focused on keeping our children healthy and safe. We are teaching them the importance of handwashing, social distancing and how to prevent getting sick but are we also ensuring that we BOOST their immunity?

There are many ways that we can strengthen their immunity that aren’t from a chemist (although there’s nothing wrong with that!), and can even be fun for the kids to do!




1. (Safely) Catch Some Rays!

Using appropriate sun-safe measures of course, head outside and enjoy some of our gorgeous sunshine! Regular sun exposure is the easiest and potent way to increase your Vitamin-D levels which boost your immune system (strengthens your bones, improves sleep and much more). So slip, slop, slap and get outside!


2. Catch Some Zzzs…

You’ve caught some rays, which will help your children now catch some Zzzzs (hopefully). Adequate sleep is closely linked to increased immunity and young children and toddlers need up to 14 hours a day! Now there’s even more to celebrate about bedtime {wink wink}.


3. Bust A Move!

Moderate exercise is perfect for boosting immunity, and as we can still go for family walks or bike rides around our neighbourhoods it’s the perfect time to increase activity and decrease boredom. You can even set up an obstacle course at home, pop on some online Yoga or Pilates programs for kids, or good ol’ fashioned trampoline jumping!




4. Eat The Rainbow!

Fruit & Vegetables are rich in antioxidants and nutrients which will give your children the upper hand at fighting off illness. Getting them involved in choosing their foods can increase the amount of healthy options they eat, and even better if you get them to help you pack a lunchbox full of healthy snacks each morning it reduced the amount of times you will hear “muuuuuum I’m huuuuungry” all day!


5. Get Fat…s into them, the GOOD kind!

Reducing inflammation in the body in turn increases you immune system, and good fats are perfect for that! Why not make some home-made avocado and salmon sushi with the kids, some yummy chia puddings and switch to using olive oil.


6. Introduce a daily Probiotic

Probiotics are king on the immune system as gut health and the immune system are strongly linked. So adding sauerkraut, kimchi, kafir and other fermented foods into your child’s diet…. oh wait your kids won’t eat that either?! Well how about giving them a ‘treat’ of Nexba Live Sparkling Water each day, one can has a BILLION probiotics and is naturally sweetened (NO Sugar). The easiest and tastiest way to introduce probiotics to even the most fussiest of eaters!




8. Finding Their Zen

Kids are little sponges and absorb way more than we realise, so even if you’re shielding them from the current situation or have explained it in an age appropriate manner they can still pick up on OUR stresses. Incorporating age appropriate meditation, journaling or another mindful activity into their daily routine will not only assist in reducing their stress levels it will also in turn increase their immunity through reduction of inflammation.


9. Stay Hydrated!

We all know that we’re basically cucumbers with complicated feelings… 80% of our bodies is water and without adequate hydration our body won’t function properly! That includes our immune system! Kids are usually very busy little bees, so ensuring that they have a water bottle at arms reach wherever they’re playing will prompt them to keep up their water intake during the day.


10. Reduce Added Sugar Intake… They’re Sweet Enough!

Added sugar can increase inflammation in the body and may also contribute to becoming overweight which in turn increases risk of becoming unwell. Reducing added sugar is not only beneficial for long term healthy habits and decreasing tooth decay, but also assisting our children’s overall health.


This post is in collaboration with Nexba #IvyTalentCoCollab

Please Note! No supplement, diet, or lifestyle modification aside from social distancing and practicing proper hygiene can protect you from developing COVID-19. The strategies outlined above may boost your immune health, but they don’t protect specifically against COVID-19.






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