I’ve got your sorted with your fashionable and yet comfortable Isolation LeisurewearIsolation Leisurewear outfits, now it’s time to sort out your self care.

Now more that ever it is important that we look after ourselves, especially our mental health. In between singing happy birthday while we wash our hands, squirting everything and everyone with hand santizer and stocking up on necessities (like wine, not toilet paper wink wink) we are also dealing with high stress and anxiety. Uncertain times and isolation can make the four walls around us (and 4 square meters of space) can be quite confronting.

So I have popped together 10 ways you can look after your physical and/or mental health without leaving your home!



1. Retreat Yourself Box | A subscription or one off box of goodies worth over $200.00 delivered to your door seasonally for only $69.95 (inc delivery!). Full to the brim of delicious and handy Australian owned brands all focused on looking after YOU. Each box also comes with a seasonal magazine with hints, tips, stories and recipes as well as Day Plan if you need a specific care for yourself program! Use CODE RACHAEL10 = 10% OFF Seasonal Subscriptions.



2. Manicare Nova Fit Face Massager | Shot on time but want bang for your buck? For only 5 minutes of (relaxing and highly enjoyable) massage using EMS technology that stimulates facial muscles through gentle contractions creating a mini work out for the face; to improve tone, firmness and support skin rejuvenation for a healthy glow! Available through Manicare directly or in stores such as Priceline.



3. eme.skin | Natural, ethical, vegan, Australian made and owned skin care. No time for a glow up like the present! eme.skin is soon to launch with their Enzyme Exfoliating Mask & Pink Clay Mask… the perfect combination for some pampering and glowing skin! You can sign uphere to be the first to find out when they launch (this month!).



4. Selfie Skin | Just because you can’t get to the salon to wax, laser etc your hairs away at the moment doesn’t mean it’s time to enter beast mode! Now’s the time to invest in a home IPL Laser so you can zap away those stray hairs in the privacy of your own home. The selfie skin handset is easy to use and works really well! CODE RACHAELG for 10% OFF.



5. Switch Nutrition | Now more than ever it’s important to look after yourself from inside out, and I swear by Switch Nutrition (as you know) and the combination of Adrenal & Vitality especially is the perfect way to look after yourself at the moment. Adrenal supports our nervous system, helps regulate sleep and stress levels while Vitality are choc full of super greens to keep you as healthy as can be!



6. Pono Probiotics | As we know the gut is responsible for so much of our health, so including high quality probiotics into your diet is a must. We are long term users of Pono, we have the Coconut Plus probiotics daily and include the Gorgeous Greens and Nourishing Reds into our smoothies. Helping with everything from improving immunity, assisting with anxiety and depression, aiding overall digestive health, decreasing symptons of cold and flu as well as bloating and IBS as well as assisting with allergies and eczma. CODE: CSVP10 = 10% OFF



7.Five Minutes of Mine | Founder Cat Sanz is a strong advocate for mental health and has started the very popular #fiveminutesofmine movement where the focus is takig five minutes for yourself each day. Whether it be meditation, exercise, massage, a hair appointment, a hot coffee in peace, a book… five minutes does not seem like a long time but so many people do not take the time for their own mental health each day. Cat has recently started a Facebook support page, full of encouragement and tips on how to find your five minutes of mine.



8. Raw by Bek | As gyms and studios shut down or your desire to attend them decreases… it doesn’t mean you can’t work out from home! Raw by Bek has hit the situation head on and moved to very quickly offer their 8 week challenge and workouts online. Full support including facebook groups and chats, you can work out while the studio live streams or do it later when it’s convenient for you. Keeping fit and active is so important to stay healthy both physically and mentally.



9. Headpace App | Guided Meditation at the touch of a button. I am a terrible meditator, my mind wanders, I start making a grocery list or thinking of the jobs I need to complete or how Bebe said the funniest thing…. of wait I was meant to be meditating. I’ve been using Headspace for a few years now and absolutely love it. So much so I usually fall asleep by the end of the guided meditation ha ha! If you’re struggling to find calm in your mind and need some assistance creating the quiet then definitely give Headspace a go!


What are you doing to stay physically and mentally healthy during these uncertain times?

Rachael xx








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