The easiest way to transform an outfit is with accessories, and as the weather cools down the accessories are heating off. Inspired by the Runways, this season chunky statement pieces are in! Think chains, layering and bold statement pieces. Add a chunky chain necklace to a simple tee and jeans outfit and take it to the next level! Don’t forget to LAYER LAYER LAYER! Chunky layering is IN!



[From top LHS Clockwise]

Lovisa Real Gold Plated Flat Curb Chain Bracelet $22.99

Lovisa Real Silver Plated Rope Necklace with Front Clasp $22.99

Lovisa Gold Maze Chain Necklace $17.99

Lovisa Gold Multi Layered Droplet Necklace $19.99



[From top LHS Clockwise]

Lovisa Gold Semi-Precious Stone Link Necklace $22.99

Lovisa Gold Multi Layered Statement Necklace $35.99

Lovisa Gold Chain Link Y Tassel Necklace $19.99

Lovisa Rose Gold Diamante Ring Stack 6 Pack $15.99



[From top LHS Clockwise]

Lovisa Gold Mesh Bracelet $9.99 (Special 5 for $20)

Lovisa Gold Circle Link Bracelet $8.99 (Special 5 for $12.99)

Lovisa Cleo Slinky Bracelet 3 Pack $19.99

Lovisa Gold Oval Link Bracelet $8.99 (Special 5 for $12.99)



[From top LHS Clockwise]

Lovisa Real Gold Plated Statement Loop Earring $22.99

Lovisa Real Gold Plated Twist Open Hoop Earring $17.99

Lovisa Gold Bohemian Stone Drop Earrings $20.99

Lovisa Real Silver Plated Twist CircleDoorknocker Earring $19.99



[From top LHS Clockwise]

Lovisa Green Gold Textured Rectangle Earring $27.99

Lovisa Gold Multi-Wear Pearl Drop Earring $20.99

Lovisa Pink Pleated Turban Headband $16.99

Lovisa Pink Velvet Pleated Headband $11.99


Are you inspired to layer up some chunky accessories now?



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