As the weather starts to cool down, the joyful season of knits arises! High waisted jeans are still very much in vogue (praise be) whether they are skinny, mom style or wide legged it doesn’t matter! If you have a pair of high waisted jeans or pants, a cropped length knit is the perfect accompaniment. Or even if you’d like to stretch out your summer frocks for a bit longer, a cropped knit adds warmth without bulk or unflattering length past waist height. I’ve done the leg work and found 20 cropped knits that aren’t too short, perfect for wearing with high waisted pants or over a dress. Which is your favourite?


basic crop cardigan

basic crop cardigan-1

basic crop cardigan-4

basic crop cardigan-13

basic crop cardigan-15

basic crop cardigan-8

basic crop cardigan-9

basic crop cardigan-12

basic crop cardigan-7

basic crop cardigan-10

basic crop cardigan-2

basic crop cardigan-11

basic crop cardigan-3

basic crop cardigan-17

basic crop cardigan-16

basic crop cardigan-18

untitled design

basic crop cardigan-5

basic crop cardigan-6

basic crop cardigan-14

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