Hi lovelies,

We’re a huge fan of Stroganoff, however I don’t particularly like red meat and neither do the boys, so I often sub it out for chicken. I love to add grated zucchini and/or carrot to my dinners as it’s an easy way of adding extra vegetables without the hassle! Bambino isn’t too fond of the sliced mushrooms in stroganoff so tonight I thought I’d try something a bit different and chop them finely in a food processor. I won’t lie, I over chopped them and ended up with a mushroom and zucchini ‘mince’ and started doubting myself… however once I added the rest of the ingredients it was amazing! Like a pasta sauce! It coated the pasta easily and the boys gobbled it up quickly and easily. Usually I too stroganoff with Parmesan but I didn’t have any so this one is picture with run of the mill grated cheese.


This recipe makes enough for two nights for us, I usually freeze half the sauce for another time instead of eating the same thing twice in a row




2 x Chicken Breasts sliced

2 x Zucchini grated

500g mushrooms blended

2 x Stroganoff recipe bases

50-100g Sour Light Cream (depending how creamy you like it)

500g Pasta

Grated Parmesan cheese to serve

Step 1: Grate the zucchini and mushrooms in a food processor until blended. Dice the chicken into small pieces. Heat a pan I’ve medium high heat.


Step 2: Brown chicken then add mushroom/zucchini mix and cook until softened. Add both stroganoff recipe bases with HALF the water (amount of one base lot two). Bring to boil then reduce to a simmer for 20 minutes. Cook pasta as per directions


Step 3: Add sour light cream and Mix in until heated through. Pop half the mixture in a Tupperware container. Mix the remaining mixture and pasta together and serve with grated Parmesan cheese. Once cooled freeze the balance of the mix for another night


Do you love stroganoff too?


Rachael xx





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