I don’t know about you, but the last 12 weeks have FLOWN by! And when I realised that it was time for my 12 week results appointment with Peche Medispa I was so excited to see the results. You can read about my appointment with Miranda HERE. One would think that as it’s my body I would have been very aware of the results, but when you see your body every day it’s harder to see the results until they’re side by side. When I reflect though, I realise that I am MUCH more confident in what I wear, and tucking my shirts a lot more. Which should have made me realise just what a big change had happened.


Even Bambino couldn’t handle the anticipation!

I won’t dilly-dally, I know what you’re here for. You want the side by sides, who can blame you! I would too! So here they are!


When I first had my appointment Miranda said straight up that if I ate well and exercised that I would have better results, I complete a 21 Day Detox within the 3 months and I really think that assisted my body in getting rid of the frozen fat cells. I am BEYOND happy with the results! Am I magically a svelte Victoria’s Secrets Model? No. Will I ever be one? No. Am I confident and happy within my own skin. YES! I grew two humans in this body, big ones too, and Miranda has helped me gain the confidence to wear what I like, including bathers, without being self conscious. That in itself is PRICELESS!

Will I visit Miranda again? For sure! And you can too! Use code RACHAEL50 for $50 OFF your first appointment, consultations are FREE! So nothing is stopping you from living your best life too!

Rachael xo


Peche Medispa kindly invited me to try their Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment, all views are my own and as per my disclosure statement

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