You  may or may not know, but my eyebrows are not a gift from God… they are a gift from Kate. Kate aka Etch Artisan.

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I was born with meagre eyebrows, and through becoming a beauty therapist straight out of high-school soon became obsessed with bold brows. I tried powders, pomades, pencils and more. I tinted fortnightly. And many years later I took the plunge into having them tattooed. You can read about my first experience and how I cam upon Kate in my blog post from last year HERE.

Suffice to say, I was VERY happy with Kate’s work last year so when it came time to touch up my brows (you can refresh your brows every 12-24 months depending on how bold and full you like them and how your skin retains the colour) it was a no brainer for me to go back to Kate.


Kate doesn’t just tattoo eyebrows, she can also eyeliner and lips! Having my eyebrows done means that I can wake up in the morning and not look as tired as I feel (ha!) or swim to my heart’s content during Summer and not worry about looking like I have no eyebrows. If you haven’t already, click through to my blog linked above to see a photo of 19 year old Rachael’s eyebrows… or lack thereof!


When you get to your appointment you will have a consultation with Kate to discuss your expectations and wants, and Kate will give her professional recommendations. Then the area is numbed for about 15 minutes. Kate continues to apply numbing cream during the appointment as well so honestly you can’t feel a thing!


Straight after your appointment your brows look quite dark due to the pigment, you can’t get your eyebrows wet for 10 days (if you can, book your hairdresser for a wash and dry during those 10 days, it’s much easier than trying to was h your hair yourself!). There are other care instructions, but keeping them dry and applying the soothing cream daily are the main ones.


After a few days to a week the area that was tattooed will start to scab or flake. As hard as it is, you just need to leave them be! It only lasts a day or so!


Your eyebrows go through a healing phase where the colour lightens considerably. Most people get quite worried that they wont be dark enough, but by week four your colour comes out properly!


I literally have a little bit of tinted moisturiser, a sweep of blush and mascara and brow gel on in this photo. What a difference having perfect eyebrows makes! If this is your first appointment or it’s been longer that 2 years since you’re last, then you will most likely require a touch up appointment at 6-8 weeks just to make sure all is perfect.

Kate has kindly given me a discount code RACHAEL that will give you $50 OFF any cosmetic tattooing service that has the deposit paid prior to 31 JANUARY 2020 (you can make the appointment any time for 2020) so you too can have perfect brows!


But for now, I want to introduce you to THE BABE BEHIND THE BRAND | ETCH ARTISAN:

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CSVP: What was the inspiration for starting EA?

EA: 6 years ago I was going through a complete life change and I decided to just throw myself into a cosmetic tattoo course, and I absolutely loved it.

Then I have grown my business from there lots and lots of practice and training but absolutely love what I do

CSVP: Who IS Kate?

EA: A Libra who is terrible at making decisions for herself, a super busy mum of three who loves having a super full, busy, crazy life.. I thrive on that.

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CSVP: What sets Etch Artisan apart from other salons? 

EA: We are just about enhancing what you already have, we want you to walk away with beautiful, natural enhancements. We work out of a gorgeous quiet studio where you can come and relax for a few hours.
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CSVP: What does your typical day look like?

EA: Wake at 5am, train, home to feed, make lunches, dress, take to school three kids. Then work all day, school pick up, snacks, after school activities, dinner, baths, bed… whilst replying to clients, stock order, advertising.
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CSVP: If you could only wear ONE beauty item every day, what would it be? 

EA: Mascara for sure


CSVP: What is your coffee/cafe order?

EA: Double shot piccolo


CSVP: What is your Must have treatment from Etch Artisan?

EA: Brows 😍 we specialise in super natural feather touch and gorgeous combination brows
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CSVP: What do you do for self-care/relax?

EA: Gym.. it’s me time


CSVP: What is the best thing that has come out of running EA? 

EA: Knowing that I built this business all by myself (I didn’t think I was this person) with 100% support from my amazing fiancé


CSVP: Favourite colour? 

EA: Black


CSVP: Cocktail, champagne or wine? 

EA: Champagne always

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But don’t just take my word for it, head over to Kate’s Instagram and stalk her feed HERE – I stalked her for over a year before booking in with her last year. It was the best decision I made and money well spent. I’ll never look back!

Rachael xo

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