One of things I love most about Bebe is his BIG heart! He loves to love and he loves animlas, things he can cuddle and things that love his love. So when Tomy asked if we would like a Rizmo I knew it was a match made in heaven.


When you first open a Rizmo he/she is a little ball of fluff. With the right amount of love your Rizmo will evolve twice… the first time a tail appears and next he evolves into a proper Rizmo with ears, eyes, arms and legs.


If you’re looking for an interactive toy that will keep your kids occupied all Christmas Day then this is the one for you, requiring a certain amount of singing and dancing to evolve both times, Bebe as intent on bringin his Rizmo to life for hours!


Once he/she evolves the fun doesn’t end, with dancing, singing, even sleeping modes available. With multiple functions the kids are occupied for hours!


The only issue we have with our Rizmo…we only have one lol!


Available at all good leading retailers, and in a number of different colours. Your Christmas won’t be complete without a Rizmo!


Love Rachael xx


This post contains gifted items in line with my Disclosure Policy.

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