That my friends is the look of PURE PAW PATROL JOY.

It’s not a perfect photo, but it’s perfection in the amount of joy you can see in their faces. IT SHOOTS WATER BULLETS. Every little boy’s (and girl’s I can only assume) dream come true.


I wasn’t even allowed to put the additional stickers on the Fire Truck for a whole day after the boy’s were lucky enough to be sent some fantastic Paw Patrol items. Mum back off, we want to shoot things. Legit they were on a level 15/10 happy when they first opened the box but the moment they realised it shot water bullet things out of the back AND front it levelled up to about 1000000/10 quickly!


Available at all leading retailers, the Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck is every child’s dream Christmas present this year. The boys already have the Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck and now they have the Fire Truck too they spend HOURS playing in the play room… this is ALSO a gift to parents!

Before we go on I need to show you the level of Paw Patrol obsession in my house…

The Boys were kindly gifted two of these items, the rest they already had! Not shown the Paw Patrol Lookout and Monkey Temple Jungle Rescue Playset they also have! 


Featuring an extendable 2ft ladder, flashing lights and sounds, 2 separate cannon launchers, mini fire cart, fire hose, Marshall and extendible working claw arm. There’s room aboard for all the pup characters (sold separately), and honestly I can’t speak highly enough of it. They boys are enthralled and spend hours playing with it each day!



They were also kindly gifted a Ride n Rescue Playset, this awesome little set comes as a vehicle but easily unfolds into a playset featuring mini characters and 3 separate rescue adventures. The boy’s were sent the Skye Set with has a cute Skunk and Racoon. The Skunk needs a bath, baby ducklings need to cross the road and a racoon is trapped under a picnic basket! The age on the box says 3+ but Bambino can easily navigate and play with the entire set unassisted.


There are multiple character sets to collect and if you’re going away in the festive season or short on space these are the perfect take anywhere gifts!


Also available are the Paw Patrol Die Cast Vehicles, sold individually or in a six pack. Anybody with toddlers know that they can be hard on toys so I love that they’re metal and will take a lot of loving!


If you have Paw Patrol obsessed little ones then I highly recommend these great pieces for Christmas this year!

Rachael xo

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