Have you heard of the ‘Four Gifts’? Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. I personally find it very easily to go overboard with gifts for the boys at Christmas, I keep adding ‘a little something’ and soon it’s too much. They get a bit overwhelmed by the gifts, and can turn into a bit of an opening frenzy instead of being mindful and thankful of the gifts they have been given.


A while ago I read about the Four Gifts, but thought oh that isn’t much and put it aside. However when you take into account gifts from Grandparents, Aunties, Godparents, Family and Friends… that is a LOT of gifts. If I get asked what the boys would like, I ask for an experience if possible. Time and experiences are so much more valuable than a gift I think!

So this year from Pete and I, the boys each will be getting something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. Below I’ve popped a few things that I have in mind for them, I’d love to hear more options and




Happy Hop Waterpark: The boys have had an inflatable splash park/play for a few years now and it’s in need of replacement so this year their WANT present is a combined gift of  a new one. I cannot tell you how many hours they’ve played in this over Summer, it’s a real life saver in the heat and to keep them occupied! See the one we’re getting HERE.



QToys: Bebe is an avid builder. He loves to create and build, so these beautiful natural planks would be perfect for his creative mind! See them HERE.



Lime Tree Kids: Bambino is fascinated with locks and keys, so this lock activity box would be perfect for his curious mind and busy fingers! See more HERE.




Peppa Penny Love Mae: I find both my boys eat better when they eat out of divided plates, they prefer an tasting platter style meal rather than eating it all together like the adults. These gorgeous Love Mae sets from Peppa Penny would be perfect for them.



B.Box: With the weather warming up an insulated water bottle is a fantastic idea so that by the end of the day the boys aren’t drinking warm water! I love how the lid locks down so not only in the straw protected from dirt, but it’s leakproof as well! See the range HERE.



Boo & Crew: Not only do kids need a lot of snacks on holidays, but school will inevitably begin again and school lunches will become a daily chore once more. These gorgeous bamboo lunchboxes from Boo & Crew are a great size, leakproof, biodegradable and $1 from every lunchbox is donated to the Australian Wildlife Conservatory. See the range HERE.




Raised by The Desert
Photo Credit: @justamelbournemama

Raised By The Desert: I first saw Raised by The Desert on the beautiful Amanda’s Hudson and Easton, but then saw the quality first hand when I met Betty Lane’s boys whilst on holidays (Tam is a big fan of their range), when she told me they went from a size 1 to 12 I was sold! It’s so hard to find cute clothes for the boys, let alone ones I can match them in! See their range HERE.


Image Credit: @gdotnancy

G Nancy: I love giving the boys new pjs for Christmas, usually it’s in their December 1st Box and Christmas themed so they can wear them all month long. But I adore G Nancy and Bebe has just grown out of his Star Set from last Summer so it’s perfect timing to update the boys’ pjs! Shop their range HERE.



Ria Menorca Australia: I always struggle to find good quality, good looking (and matching) summer sandals for the boys. However Ria Menorca Australia have a gorgeous tan Avarca in sizes 25EU to 34EU in soft leather, perfect for busy feet! See the range HERE.



Roobee Roo
Image Credit: @wearethegilmores

Roobee Roo Books: Roobee Roo is not only a cute little kangaroo, it’s a small business with a big heart. One book = one meal, and bundles saver pouches save you money while giving more meals. Read more here.



Wonderbly: We have The Little Boy Who Lost His Name and Where Are You Personalised books for Bebe, so I think it is time we got Bambino his! Wonderbly have such a beautiful range of books that can be personalised, check out the range HERE.



Kmart Australia: Usborne Lift The Flap Questions & Answer books are AMAZING. Bebe has Dinosaurs, Long Ago, Animals, Growing Up, Science and Nature. Every time I see one in Kmart I grab it as they can retail for $30 in other stores, but are only $9 at Kmart! They are such a fun and interactive way to learn about different categories, and Bambino loves reading them too! See them online HERE.


What did you think of those options?

Rachael x


Beautiful photography of my boys by Jennifer Horner Photography.






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