Hi Lovelies,

Last week I visited Peche Medispa for a second Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) Treatment. You can read all about my first treatment and what to expect during the actual procedure here in my first blog, and if you follow me on Instagram I have a highlights folder with loads of questions answered.  It had been five weeks since my initial treatment, and as discussed with Miranda in my initial consultation (your consultation is FREE) I knew I could have another treatment prior to the 12 weeks which is recommended to see full results because my tummy would require more than one treatment.

But first let me take you through the days and weeks following my initial treatment. For the first week after the treatment the area was very numb and sensitive, and quite swollen. This was mainly due to the fact that my applicators were ‘crossed over’ at the front centre for optimum results. It wasn’t enough to hinder what I wore or did, but I was aware of the sensation. I found taking ibuprofen and wearing supportive underwear (my favourite Intimo Everyday Support Briefs from Erin Wegener were perfect) really helped to make me comfortable in that first week.


After two days a little bit of bruising came out, but went away quickly. After that first week of swelling and numbness everything went back to normal and life went on as usual! When I had my second treatment I found it a lot more comfortable, even afterwards I didn’t have as much swelling or numbness. Although Miranda warned me that I wouldn’t start to see any results until 4-6 weeks and that the full result won’t be known until the 12 weeks is up, I did actually start to notice a difference on the sides of my tummy in that fifth week before my second treatment. This makes me so excited for the next 12 weeks and the results that I will see!


I will be back to visit Miranda early December for before and after photos, measurements and to discuss further treatment or not, but I will keep you updated in the interim! If you can’t wait until December to start your own journey with Peche Medispa don’t forget to quote RACHAEL50 for $50.00 OFF your first treatment. Peche has just opened a second location as well, in Mooloolaba, so Sunshine Coast ladies go say hello to the lovely Jess who manages the clinic!

Love Rachael x

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