Hi Lovelies!

You may remember I did a Autumn Capsule Collection for Girls earlier this year, and I have had a few requests for a Spring version. Don’t worry, I’m also working on the Boys and Women‘s versions as well!

Spring wardrobes are definitely the most transitional of all wardrobes, the days can be quite warm but the nights still quite cool. The colours and fabrics also become lighter and brighter, making way for that gorgeous sunshine!

I buy A LOT of the boys’ clothes from Next Australia, I find the quality to be fantastic and the price reasonable. I also love the variety available and that not everything is covered in prints/pictures. Cotton On, Target, Big W and Best & Less all have quite good ranges.


Here are the links to the exact pieces found in the Autumn Capsule Collection pictured above, but remember they are just examples and you can alter the colour palette, prints, styles and budget to suit you:

Next Direct Multi Vests 8-Pack $32-38

Next Direct Multi 3 Pack Peplum T-Shirts $24-33

Next Direct Sleeveless Collar Blouse $11-14

Next Direct Roll Sleeve Blouse $18-21

Next Direct Multi Carnival Shorts 5 Pack $24-30

Next Direct Denim Bow Shorts $13-16

Next Direct Cord Skirt $14-17

Next Direct Blue Floral 5 Pack Leggings $32-41

Next Direct Denim Playsuit $16-19

Next Direct Multi Button Through Dress $16-19

Next Direct Denim Button Through Dress $21-29

Next Direct Flower Embroidered Dress $22-25

Next Direct Frill Pocket Pull On Jeans $21-24

Next Direct Grey Pom Pom Zip Through Hoodie $22-25

Next Direct Pointelle Cardigan $13-16

Next Direct Mid Blue Denim Jacket $22-25

Next Direct Floral Swimsuit $19-22

Next Direct Ecru Floral Sun safe 2 Piece Set $24-27

Next Direct River Island Towelling Set $37.00

Next Direct Fisherman’s Hat 2 Pack $18-19

Next Direct Eva Sandals $11-14

Next Direct Glitter T-Bar Sandals $24-27

Next Direct Denim Touch fastening Trainers $22-25

Next Direct Gold Glitter Star T-Bar Shoes $24-27


Do you try to create a Capsule Collection for each Season for your children?

Rachael xo

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