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If you follow along on Instagram you’ll know a few weeks ago I headed into Peche Medispa to meet with the lovely Miranda to discuss the non-surgical cosmetic treatment, Clatuu Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis).

My body has been through a lot; I’ve had a 10.1lb baby, gained weight, lost weight, had a 9lb baby (and gained 19kgs), lost weight… but my lower tummy has never been the same since my first C-section with Bebe. As most women who have had caesarians can attest to, no matter your size or weight your tummy kind of has a pocket above the scar that is so hard to get rid of!


I’m not the first to post photos in my bathers or underwear, in fact I think I’ve only done it twice! So this blog is a little hard for me, so far I’ve procrastinated by tidying everything I can see from my little set up on the kitchen bench! But I get so many messages from fellow Mamas who struggle with the same problem I do, whose confidence is also affected by the dreaded #mumtum… So it’s important to me that I share with you this process. There are other options to invasive surgery, and I think it’s important that we are aware of that and that it also doesn’t cost the earth!

I did have a few messages along the lines of “you don’t need to do that” so to begin with, let me show you how dressing for your shape and wearing supportive underwear can make a difference…


Most days I feel good, but I definitely feel restricted with what styles and shapes I can wear, I would love to tuck a tee into my jeans and not worry about my mum tum! But I do feel self conscious in bathers, and if there’s a non-surgical option to feeling better about my body no matter what I’m wearing then I’m giving myself permission to explore it!

So what is Fat Freezing? For an in-depth explanation click HERE to go to the Peche Medispa page that has the technical information. Basically though it is a process where problem areas are sucked into the head of the applicator where it is frozen to minus nine degrees (fat cells cannot survive that temperature) for an hour. Over the next 12 weeks 20-30% of the fat cells die and are removed through your body’s lymphatic system. You will get some sort of result regardless, but drinking plenty of water, being active regularly and eating a balanced diet will increase the results. Once the 12 weeks is up you can retreat the area if need be, although if you know that the area will need more than one more treatment to get the results you’re after (like my tummy) then you can retreat the area again after 4 weeks, but remember that you won’t see optimal results for 12 weeks.


In the side by side photos above you’ll see that Miranda had already marked up where the applicators will go on my tummy. This is done in a private room and obviously after your consultation where you’ve discussed the area you would like treated. To your appointment you wear loose and comfortable clothes as you will either be there for one hour or two, depending on your treatment area. As the middle of my tummy area needs more work, Miranda recommended that the applicators cross over that section, which meant that I was in for two hours. Honestly though the time just flew past! A lovely quiet room where I could watch Netflix or catch up on social media while I just lay there… actual heaven!

Now I didn’t know exactly what to expect. In theory part of my tummy would be sucked into the head of the applicator, which would then freeze my fat from both sides (traditional Cryolipolysis machines only treat one side at a time) and I get to lay down for an hour. This is true. Depending on the area that you’re treating, and how lax your skin is (firm or not so firm… mine is the latter) the level of discomfort as the area is sucked into the applicator head will vary. I would say for about 30-60 seconds it was uncomfortable enough for my toes to curl, but once the cooling started it quickly dissipated.


A special gel pad is applied to the skin prior to the applicator to protect your skin from the risk of ice burn. I would say I felt the cold for about 5 minutes after application, and then the area went numb and I didn’t feel a thing for the rest of the time. As I mentioned we were crossing the applicators over for optimum results on the middle of my lower abdomen, and as the area was partially numb from the first treatment it didn’t feel as pinchy when the suction started.

When the applicator is removed, the section of your skin that has been inside literally sits up and is quite red. Miranda massages the ‘butter stick’ as they call it (that’s the approximate size of the area) for two minutes to get the circulation started back to the area. This was the most uncomfortable part for me, but definitely bearable and over so quickly! The photos look a bit scary, but trust me when I say it’s not painful and after the massage the area had gone back to normal!

As I said, the images are a little confronting… but they look so much worse than it actually is! After the massage it’s completely gone! Just red which goes down after about half an hour or so. Some people experience bruising either straight away, or the next day, but I didn’t bruise which is most likely due to the amount of skin laxity I have.

Unlike invasive fat removal procesure, there is no down time with Clatuu Fat Freezing, no special rules to follow and you literally have the treatment and go straight back to life! Another bonus is that as the fat removal process takes 12 weeks, the skin has time to adjust while most patients of liposuction also require skin removal afterwards due to loose skin.

Immediately after the treatment the area is still numb, and a little tender. That has lasted for the first 24 hours, and Miranda did warn me that residual numbness and or tenderness can last a few weeks for some people. But it hasn’t bothered me, I went out that night to a VIP evening and was fine.

A big misconception is that the cost of treatments such as these is exorbitant, although the Clatuu Fat Freezing is the newest technology, Miranda’s prices are a third of Coolsculpting. One applicator (it’s charged by applicator not appointment) is currently on sale for $299 PLUS Miranda has kindly given me a discount code to share with you – RACHAEL50 will give you another $50.00 off the cost of your first treatment. Peche Medispa also offers Afterpay and Ezi-Pay payment plans. And don’t forget your consultation is FREE, so you can pop in and have a chat with Miranda about your own concerns.


I’m excited to share this journey with you, and if you have any questions let me know!

Rachael xo

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Peche Medispa kindly invited me to try their Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment, all views are my own and as per my disclosure statement





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