This weekend just gone we celebrated my best friend Dianne’s 30th Birthday. I think birthday’s a special, and like to do surprises and spoil the special people in my life, especially when it is a milestone birthday.

Recently we stayed at Sofitel Brisbane Central for a family staycay, and it was such a beautiful experience I knew that I wanted to surpise Dianne with a night away for her birthday.

As Mama’s with small children, it is very rare that we get to have uninterrupted, child-free conversations so I was SO excited to just spend time hanging out and chatting and not having to try to remember what I was saying before someone wanted snacks, needed a nappy change or were arguing over the same toy!


I picked up the birthday girl and we headed excitedly into town, arriving a little before check-in. The staff are amazing, and so lovely, the minute you arrive the experience starts. We decided to start the weekend right with a glass of sparkling in Cuvée Lounge Bar, overlooking Post Office Square. We headed upstairs to our room (Superior Twin Room) and found the loveliest surprise…

I had also booked us into Stephanie’s Day Spa for the Opal Rasul Steam Temple, I’ve never actually visited a Stephanie’s Day Spa and everyone told me I was in for a treat… they were right! The staff again are just so lovely and friendly, and we were shown into the bathrooms and given a locker to store our belongings and given a robe and disposable underwear to change into (you can take your bathers if that’s more comfortable for you). Once we were changed we headed into the lounge to wait for our therapist to come get us, we didn’t have to wait long alothough we wouldn’t have minded because it’s so lovely and there is herbal tea and water for you while you wait.

Our lovely therapist came to show us into the Opal Rasul Steam Room, gave us the story of the steam room and explained what to expect. There’s a little outer room where you hang your robes and then an inner room which is completely tiled with beautiful lights and candles, this is where the steam therapy happens, and then an alcove with showers that also has a door and can be used if you need a break from the steam during the hour.

You are given dry body brushing exfoliation pads and three different mineralised mud masks (one for your arms/legs, one for your tummy and one for your face) and have 10 minutes to prepare before the steam starts. We were warned that the steam comes out fast but I didn’t expect it to actually fill the room as fast as it did, it was amazing! In no time at all it was so thick that you can barely see your hand in front of your face! Over the hour there was ebbs and flows with the steam so it wasn’t overpowering, and even though it reached 40 degrees (celsius) I didn’t find it overwhelming or too hot. It was so relaxing! There’s a water tap in the room as well so you can keep hydrated during the treatment, and at the end there’s a beautiful steam rain shower that comes fro the roof. Once the rain shower finished the lights go up a little and you can go into the shower alcove to remove any remaining mud (wash, shampoo and conditioner all provided). We went back to the lounge and were served the herbal tea of our choice (or a sorbet if preferred) to relax and rehydrate before returning to the real world again. I can’t recommend the Rasul enough if you’re planning a girl’s treatment, so relaxing and we had a whole hour to chat!

We headed back to the room to get dressed for dinner, and I had a bit of a fail! I had meant to organise to have balloons delivered to the hotel to be popped into the room for our arrival but didn’t organise myself in time! So while Dianne was in the bathroom getting ready for dinner I quickly blew up some balloons I had grabbed at Kmart that morning and put them on her bed. I was quite light headed by the end ha ha!

I had also wanted to get matching monogrammed pyjamas for our stay but again hadn’t been organised enough! So I picked up some cute striped pjs from Kmart… hilariously when I pulled them out Dianne started laughing and took the same pjs out of her bag! She had been in the same Kmart half an hour after me that day and picked up the same pajamas… this is why we always have to check what we’re wearing before we meet up! Ha Ha!


Originally we were going to have dinner at Privé249 but Dianne had a hankering for dumplings! So after another glass of sparkling in Cuvée Lounge Bar  we walked into Queen Street to Harajuku Gyoza, what I love about the Sofitel is that you don’t actually ever have to leave if you don’t want to, but if you do then everything is so close by!


After dinner we strolled through Queen Street Mall (which being a Friday night was open for business! Hooray!) and had a little bit of a shop before heading back to the hotel and jumping into our matching pjs with a cup of tea (such Grandmas lol). Can I say how amazing it is to sleep in the most comfortable hotel bed ever with block out blinds and wake when your body is ready NOT because someone is yelling MAMA! We both woke just after 8am and lay in bed chatting before deciding coffee was calling our names!

I can’t wait to come back when the weather is warmer and make the most of their beautiful pool!

Dianne and I had been wanting to try Tuckshop Time for awhile so we took advantage of our child-free time and headed into Wooloongabba for breakfast. It was literally the windiest day ever and we felt like we were going to be blown away but it was still so nice, the coffee and food was amazing!

Then it was back home to reality! But I am so grateful for being able to spend so much quality time with my bestie, and for the beautiful celebration she had for her milestone birthday. If you’re looking for somewhere special to stay, then Sofitel Brisbane Central is the perfect one stop luxury spot for all your beautiful memories.


Have you ever organised a special night away for a friend?

Rachael xo


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Sofitel Brisbane Central kindly invited us to stay, all views are my own and as per my disclosure statement

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