This week’s Budget Family Dinner is my most budget yet! And the biggest serving wise! Fried rice is a quick and easy dinner that I know my boys will eat! I make a HUGE batch so we can eat it the next night (I make fresh egg) plus Hubby and Bebe can take it work/school the next day for lunch.


These are Aldi products and pricing, but you can find similar in other supermarkets on sale or home brands.

This is literally the laziest meal for me, I cook the rice in the rice cooker and when it clicks over to warm I add the peas (half a bag) and corn (quarter of a bag) on top to defrost. While they are doing that I cook the eggs (all 12 like an omelette) and then pop to the side. I like to cook off the bacon bits, then add in the rice mix, and finally stir through some soy sauce. I top with egg and that’s it! SO EASY!


I hope you found that helpful, let me know if you make it!

Rachael x





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