Hi Lovelies!

I had a LOT of comments on Bebe’s cake so I thought I’d pop how I hacked two Woolworths pre-made mud cakes into his birthday cake in under 30 mins for under $25.00!


Bebe didn’t want a party this year, so we surprised him with a few friends and family to come over and cut a cake with him. His Dad and Godmother took him out to the arcade for the day and I stayed home with Bambino, so I knew whatever I made had to be quick and easy!

Last minute I decided to do a Kmart Rainbow Balloon Garland just to make it a little bit more special for him, it was pretty easy to make and only $6.00! I’m so glad I did because his face when he saw everyone, the cake and balloons was priceless! Plus they made all the photos look amazing.



Start with your basics, I highly recommend refrigerating the cakes so the are firm and cold to start with.

Woolworths Chocolate Mud Cake $4.80

Woolworths White Chocolate Mud Cake $4.80

Woolworths Betty Crocker Creamy Deluxe Chocolate Fudge Frosting $4.00

Woolworths Dollar Sweets Sprinkles $3.50

Spotlight Over The Top Edible Slime $7.70



Remove wrapping from cakes and stack on top of each other. Cut a circle out of top layer only, and keep top for later.



Empty the entire container of Edible Slime into the hole.




Trim the cut out cake so that it fits flat over the slime. I won’t lie to you, this was the step I doubted myself. It looked messy and I thought oh great I’ve ruined the cake ha ha!



Don’t worry though, I redeemed myself with the icing. Use a butter knife dipped in hot water and literally spoon out the icing from the container and smooth onto the cake. So easy! Using a hot knife will make sure it spreads evenly and doesn’t stick to the knife and cake and make mess.



Add some sprinkles, some candles and decorations. Bebe had asked for a chocolate army cake, so I raided his army men and added them to the cake stand. He was happy and they were free!




A very happy little boy!


The inside of the cake!


Have you ever tried doing a cake hack?


Rachael xo









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