This is one of my favourite meals, so easy and tasty!

You can use any style of mince for this, I find the packet of Shepherd’s Pie meal base adds enough flavour and is really easy to make.



These are Aldi products and pricing, but you can find similar in other supermarkets on sale or home brands.

I wrap the whole pumpkin in alfoil and pop in the oven on 160 degrees (fan forced) for 2 hours. While that is cooking I add the mince, meal base and spinach to the slow cooker on high. I use the slow cooker because it means I don’t have to stay at the stove stirring, and since it’s just mince it will be cooked in the 2 hours.

15 minutes before the pumpkin is done I pop the garlic bread into the oven as well. Once it’s cooked it’s as simple as slicing the whole pumpkin (removing the seeds) topping with mince and parmesan and adding a slice or two of garlic bread.



I hope you found that helpful, let me know if you make it!

Rachael x



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