I’ve done ‘Poor Man’s Stroganoff before, but since it’s such a winner I actually make it with all sorts of different meats. Both boys (and myself) love chicken so I thought I’d show you my easy peasy slow cooker budget Chicken Stroganoff.

I’ve put 8 serves down, but I actually think it would serve more if you added more vegetables or have smaller servings.



These are Aldi products and pricing, but you can find similar in other supermarkets on sale or home brands.


I honestly throw the cut up chicken, all the mushrooms and the packet made with the water into the slow cooker and leave it for 8+ hours on low. About 20 minutes before serving I had the sour cream (so it has time to warm back up), pop the garlic bread into the oven, cook and mash the potatoes and microwave the corn. It’s so simple, easy and fuss free.



I hope you found that helpful, let me know if you make it!

Rachael x








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