Most of you will know that I have a beauty therapy background, this means I am VERY particular with who I let touch my face… ESPECIALLY my eyebrows. Brows are life.

About a year ago I was lucky enough to be invited to Business Chicks and was given two double passes to give away to my lovely followers. One of the winners was a lady named Chrissie who owned a salon called Wonder Beauty Bar. I clicked follow on Instagram.


The first time I ever had my eyebrows microbladed I went to a renowned tattooist who always had amazing photos on her feed. I waited almost 12 months and paid double to what other salons were charging… and left with a bad job and a bad taste in my mouth from her bedside manner. So I’ve been burnt. Hence why it took me a few years to see Kate from Etch Artisan to redo them, and even longer to even allow the thought of someone waxing and tinting my brows. I stalked. I watched. I waited. But Chrissie’s work was always amazing. And on a variety of ethnic background, skin types, brow and lash types… I felt like I had hit jackpot.

I reached out to Chrissie, booked an appointment and headed in. A little fearful, and little excited.

BEFORE | Completely Bare Faced
Chrissie Measures Up Where To Tint/Wax
During Henna Brow Tintin
Ta Da! Henna Brows and Eyelash Tint & Lift

Chrissie is warm, funny and a delight. It felt like we had known each other forever. I was so impressed when she drew up my brows for the tint, that’s super rare for waxing and tinting so I knew I was in good hands! Chrissie popped my tint on then started with the lash lift, the two services together take about an hour and a half however it felt like no time at all as we were so busy chatting! It was the first time I had ever had Henna Tinting and I must say I ‘m impressed, it hasn’t faded as much as regular tinting usually does and stayed on my skin a little bit longer which meant I didn’t touch my brows for a few days afterwards when I had to do my makeup! In fact between my fabulous lifted lashes and darker brows I’m rocking the makeup free life much more regularly now!

You should definitely check out Chrissie’s Instagram for her work, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone! In fact, I’ll be back to see her after 6 weeks for my lash lift and henna brow again!

Love Rachael x

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