Jeanswest. An iconic Australian brand with the tagline ‘Jeanswest fits best’. But is it true?

Short answer. Definitely.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Jeanswest since December last year. I have often bought from them since I was a teenager, and constantly find beautiful pieces to lust after. I have jeans that I wear multiple times a week for over 6 months that haven’t faded or stretched out. Many different styles, and they all fit the #mumbod. How awesome is that!

The only thing more fun than shopping, is shopping with your girlfriends. Recently I headed into the Westfield Garden City store with Bianca and Kayla and we had SUCH a fun time trying on new season styles.

Let me stop right now to tell you that I wasn’t asked to write this blog. As annoying as I find it to have to VERY. CLEARLY. SAY. THIS. WASN’T. SPONSORED. (especially when I very clearly say when something IS sponsored), I want to be very clear. I had SUCH an amazing experience with the gorgeous Manager Sharon and her staff Alana and Ivana that I wanted to share it with you. Nothing was too hard, nothing was too annoying, and no amount of rehanging clothes was too much. The girls were bubbly, friendly, kind, funny and helpful. AND their fit advice was second to none. In one style I have a size 8 pair of jeans. WHAT. I know. I am clearly not a size 8. But as the girls explained to me, the knit fabric of the denim would really relax so I needed to go quite firm. You HAVE to love someone who REALLY knows what they’re talking about!

I thought it would be really fun to show you the different outfits we all tried on, can you guess which ones came home with us?




Jeanswest Arianna Wool Bled Coat $199.99 (not online) | Jeanswest Sophie V Neck Tee $29.99 | Jeanswest Faye Knee Length Skirt $34.99 (sale)


Jeanswest Carla Blouson Sleeve Pullover $41.99 (sale) | Jeanswest Leni Luxe Lounge Jogger $89.99


Jeanswest Daisy V-Neck Pullover $41.99 (sale) | Jeanswest Alison Mom Jean $109.99


Jeanswest Alexa Cable Pullover $48.99 (sale)| Jeanswest Leni Luxe Lounge Jogger $89.99




Jeanswest Tessy Denim Jacket $69.99 (sale)| Jeanswest Sophie V Neck Tee $29.99 | Jeanswest Feather Touch High Waisted Skinny 7/8th Black Vintage Jeans $139.00


Jeanswest Suzie Fleece Jacket $90.99 (sale)| Jeanswest Sophie V Neck Tee $29.99 | Jeanswest Alison Mom Jean $109.99




Jeanswest Isabelle Leather Jacket $349.99 | Jeanswest Carmen Shirt Dress $129.99


Jeanswest Carla Blouson Sleeve Pullover $41.99 (sale) | Jeanswest Ari Coated High Waist Skinny Ankle Jean $109.99


Jeanswest Suzie Fleece Jacket $90.99 (sale)| Jeanswest Sophie V Neck Tee $29.99 | Jeanswest Lois Luxe Lounge Slim Boyfriend Jean $109.99 (not online)


So which outfit was your favourite from our finds?

Love Rachael xo










4 replies on “Jeanswest | Does It Fit Best?

  1. I love the dress with the leather Jacket I’m a huge Jeanswest fan!! Curve Embracer are my fav and I won’t tell you how many pairs I have 😂😂😂

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