It should come as no shock to you when I say that I love Vionic Shoes.

Late last year they contacted me regarding a collaboration and prior to that I must admit I hadn’t heard of them. I looked into their range and brand and quickly realised we were a good match. Founded by a Podiatrist (Phillip Vasyli), Vasyli created the first ever non-prescription orthotic on which the Vionic range is based on. This means, supportive footwear at all times. From slippers, to active sneakers, to boots, to heels (and there’s a men’s range of course), you can literally live your life in Vionic shoes with orthotic support. Exactly was busy Mama’s on their feet all day need!

Fast forward almost a year and I have regularly worked with Vionic, and have had such amazing feedback from lovely ladies who follow along my fashion journey saying what a difference Vionic Shoes have made in their life.

Although stocked in a number of stockist stores, Vionic recently opened their brand new studio… right down the road from me! Naturally I couldn’t help myself and went in and tried on MANY of their amazing new shoes, so I thought I would share them with you!

BUT FIRST! If you are in the area, on Saturday 22nd June go visit Vionic Shoes at 1179 Logan Road Hollan Park West for their Grand Opening… they have 20% OFF STOREWIDE!


The Adeline Slide | Available in Black, Red, Tan and Dusk (pictured, a soft mauve) this is actually the first pair of loafers I’ve been able to wear that don’t pinch uncomfortably across the widest point of my foot.



Joey Casual Sneaker | Five amazing colours, cute perforated detail, nubuck upper and comfort memory foam compound. What more could you ask for?



Trinity Boot | The deep chocolate coloured leather and buckle detail stole my heart on these ones. Also available in black, the heel is a fabulous ‘all-day’ height and of course SO supportive.



Josie Kitten Heel | Not pictured, a gorgeous bright floral print. This is a great inbetween heel height that if I worked in corporate I’d be getting every single colour! Fun and cute, what a combination.



Blakely Bootie | These babies came home with me! Also available in a black and snakeskin, I can’t tell you how tempted I am by the snakeskin! I wore these for an entire day on the weekend… from breakfast to 8pm and my feet were still blissfully happy!



Leah Sneaker | It’s no secret I love my white Leah Sneakers, they’re supportive and comfortable and look amazing with jeans, dresses and more. The perfect run around shoe, they’re also available in tan and black!



Cece Casual Sneaker | Not a style I’d normally go for, I was surprised with how sports luxe these sneakers looked with my jeans and blazer combination. Definitely worth practicing what I preach and trying new things more often!



Sterling Boots | I’m in desperate need of new tan boots and these are right at the top of my wish list. The heel height is perfect for long wear, and the side zip is really cute.



Alma Sneaker | The Alma is an active sneaker and I have it in the grey, the first thing that really stood out to me when I first received it was just how LIGHT it is! I’m talking feel like a pair of thongs light! It’s incredible! None of the support and comfort is lost though, and I can easily wear these for long walks or even all day with absolutely no discomfort at all.



Whitney Boot | I didn’t get a photo in store but obviously these babies came home with me too. The front is a suede while the back is very on trend neoprene. I haven’t been able to get on board the neoprene sock boot look, it’s just not my style, but the Whitney is the perfect blend of classic and seasonal fashion. It also comes in a gorgeous grey.



Relax Plush Slipper | I never thought much about the slippers that I wear at home. But given that I’m a SAHWM (Stay At Home Working Mum) and spend a lot of time at home in slippers it just makes sense to ensure my feet are just as supported indoors as they are outdoors. I never have a sore back or feet when I wear my slippers inside when at home!


I’m not able to make the Grand Opening of the Logan Road store, but I do hope that you are and can make the most of the amazing 20% OFF Storewide!

Have you bought a pair of Vionic Shoes? Which ones are on your wish list?

Love, Rachael x

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