Hi Lovelies!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I have been frequenting Studio Pilates for the last few weeks, taking part in their 30 Day Challenge.

Earlier this year I decided I would focus on getting fit-ish and looking after myself better, something I personally find falls by the wayside easily when life gets busy. Case and point I completed an orientation course at Studio Pilates right before Bali then by the time I had gotten back and recovered from the epic Bali belly I caught, weeks had gone by and I hadn’t committed regularly to going like I had planned. So when the team got in touch and asked if I’d like to take part in the 30 Day Challenge I jumped at the oppurtunity. I knew that 20 classes in 30 days would see fast results which I find motivating, and get me into a good routine.


Naively I focused on how sore my muscles would be, not taking into account the time I was also committing to and didn’t free up my calendar to balance out the challenge. In hindsight I should have taken things off my plate so I wasn’t so busy and had more time at home, however the juggling was so worth it. I would say within 10-14 days I could feel a massive difference in my overall and especially core strength, and was getting a hang of the moves. By week three I was able to increase springs and hold positions longer without resting. By week 4 I definitely noticed a difference in how my clothes fit, my posture, my overall strenght and my back wasn’t as sore which I believe is because I am looking after my core strength post c-section finally.


The Studio Pilates Team feel like a family, you can see how much they love and appreciate each other which in turns makes the workouts more enjoyable.

I have done Pilates before, but hands down the best experience I’ve had is at Studio Pilates, mainly because of the TV Screens. As you can see in the photos, down the wall are screens and while you workout each move is played over and over with reminders on how to position yourself, which muscles to use, how to get the most out of the move and break downs of how to complete the move. For a newbie like me this is SO helpful! Instead of spending half the lesson lost and confused I can reset and understand each exercise better. That’s not to say the instructor isn’t hands on, quite the opposite, I have never felt more supported in any class I’ve ever done than I do in Studio Pilates. Each instructor has their own style and pizazz, but they ALL care for and look after every student in their class every single class.

This is Davina. She works at Hawthorne Studio Pilates. She is fantastic at pushing you further without you realising it until you try to stand up. She also has a killer sense of humour and is passionate about what she does.

So was the chalDid I make my 20 classes in 30 days? Technically yes as I did an extra week of 5 classes before it started ha ha! But actually no, I was on the home stretch and looking good at hitting the 20 classes when the boys both fell ill, hubby was called into work a few weekends, and then Bambino had his crazy fever and I couldn’t leave him with anyone for days after as he wanted Mama. Do I feel bad about this? Heck no! 16 classes in 30 days is pretty good in my books, I used to do 0 classes in 30 days Ha! I did my very best and life got in the way a bit, I don’t feel defeated about that because that IS life! I feel proud of myself for the work I have done and the newfound love for pilates I have. Hopefully I can continue to do classes regularly to continue to build up my core strength, and when the next challenge comes around I definitely will be signing up again!


Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to lift that leg higher LOL!

If you’ve ever wanted to try Pilates, or work on overall/core strength I can’t recommend Studio Pilates enough! You can see if there’s a studio near you HERE.

Tomorrow is also Studio Pilates Hundreds for Hope Charity day where you can complete a FREE Orientation workout at any studio (bookings required) and donate to Children’s Cancer. There are activities, prizes and more and if you purchase classes they will be discounted on the day. If you can’t make it you can donate through the studio directly!

Rachael x





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