Have you walked past a mPort Pod in your shopping centre and thought “what on earth is that?”, I know I have!

I also thought you had to strip down to your birthday suit. Not in my Westfield Shopping Centre thank you very much.


In case you’re unaware like I was, mPort is an infrared laser (like a TV Remote) body mapping ‘pod’ that provides a full body scan of up to 20 different measurements like BMR, fat%, chest, height, weight etc in minutes straight to your phone via their app. And no, you don’t have to be naked! You can keep your undies on OR wear tight fitting activewear.

It’s seriously as easy as popping into the pod (which are conveniently located in shopping centres, you can find your closest here) NO BOOKINGS REQUIRED, downloading the app so you can access your 14 Day Free Trial and standing still for a moment while the pod scans you. You can pop into a pod as many times as you like to update your scans and it will even show you your 3D Avatar Body side by side so you can see your results more easily too. They’re easy to spot and easy to use, inside there is a touch screen panel that takes you through every step clearly and concisely.


Currently I have only had one scan, but with the detailed information on my body measurements, weight, height, body fat percentage etc all easily visualised with the 3D avatar I can already see this is going to be a really helpful tool to track my health and fitness. If you’re someone like me who finds it hard to monitor change by the scale, this is the perfect solution for staying on track with a healthy lifestyle. On a side note, I can’t think of a more easy or accurate way to track and store your body measurements for online shopping too (wink wink).

I love how easy and quick it is to jump in and use the pod, and that all the information is stored conveniently in the easy to you app, ready at your fingertips whenever you want to check your progress.


Have you seen an mPort pod? Or used one?

Rachael x

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