I don’t know about you, but (naively) I thought making a yummy lunch in one of those fancy bento boxes each morning for Bebe once he went to school would be FUN.

And it is!

Flipping. Unenjoyable . Nuisance.

I don’t know whether it’s a society pressure or internal pressure, or maybe it’s because I usually share a picture of his lunchbox to Instagram Stories

Chobani Gimmies Yoghurt found that almost half of pre-school parents feel pressure from other mums regarding snack choices, 74% of parent have had trouble with their kids because of food choices, 60% of pre-school parents have had a fight with their child over what snack they can have, and 79% of parents would be willing to give up 1-5 hours of sleep if it meant making snack time easier.


I don’t know about you but I can REALLY relate. Especially about the fighting,  the amount of time and heartbreak we’ve spent in the last 18 months over uneaten lunchboxes is CRAZY! I feel so strongly about Bebe having the right foods to nourish his body and brain while he’s at school learning and moving, but all he wants to do is play and chat with his friends! Apparently eating is for plebs!

Enter Chobani.

Australia Managing Director, Peter Meek says “Chobani Gimmies was co-created with Australian parents and kids, to create a range that gets the tick of approval from both. Often brands can struggle when it comes to finding the right balance between the needs of a parent and the needs of a child. We worked hard to craft a range that ticks all the boxes. Parents will love that they’re made with Chobani low-fat Greek yogurt and kids will love the crazy flavours and wacky characters. We recognise that parents and children don’t always agree when it comes to meals and snacks, and we wanted to challenge the idea that ‘good food’ can’t be ‘fun food’. 

Say that again. Challenge the idea that GOOD food can’t be FUN food. What a revelation. I do feel a bit worried that if I add chocolate drops instead of zucchini to my banana bread that people will view it as ‘unhealthy’. Most of the people who judge though probably give their kids a white bread vegemite sandwich for school. What’s healthier?


What people see in a school lunch box is only a part of a daily intake, each morning I cook Bebe eggs for breakfast. He very often eats an apple or carrot on the way to school. He has watermelon, apple or banana for munch & crunch at school. In the afternoon he usually has a snack, maybe some banana bread or rice cracker with avocado dip, and at night he eats his dinner of vegetables, meat and carbs. So why should I stress so much about what his lunchbox looks like? He gets his dietary requirements filled outside of it.

The boys were SO excited with the Chobani Team dropped off the Gimmies box, circus music with flashing lights and boxes filled with yummy yoghurts and toys… both boys had a field day!


So far the boys have tried Chocolate Crackle Crunch, Rainbow Sprinkle Cone and ‘Poppin’ Fairy Floss. ALL were big hits! With the naturally high protein from the Greek yogurt and yummy treats to mix in and devour, both the boys and I are happy when it comes to snack time and these are one treat I won’t worry about being judged over!


“It’s important for us (Chobani) to understand the nees of our customers an in doing so we found we can make their lives easier, whilst creating a great product that we can really be proud of. We had a lot of fun with our new range. From developing flavours that mirror Aussie party foods, like fairy bread, to working with kids to co-create the range of lovable Gimmies characters and their personalities. We’re so excited for kids to meet their new go-to snacking friends for fun”. Australian Managing Director, Peter Meek.

Have you tried any of the NEW Chobani Gimmies yogurts?

Rachael x

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