Hello Lovelies!

As you would have known from social media, I have been doing the Two Week Metabolism Reset with Be Fit Food. I was feeling tired and sluggish, bloated and not at my best. I knew I had to do something to get my pep back and I realised the last time I felt really amazing and energetic was when I completed my month on Be Fit Food last year.

With that in mind I jumped online to check out the programs again (last time I did the Be Rapid for four weeks and lost 5.1kgs and gained a whole lot of energy) and I saw that there was a new program called 2 Week Metabolism Reset. I remembered that I felt great after the first week so the 2 weeks sounded perfect, it can be hard sticking to a program 100% for a month with the amount of events I go to so this was the perfect balance.

The difference with the metabolism reset to ordering each week is the whole two weeks arrives at the same time. As the majority of the meals are frozen, you need to make sure that you have room in your freezer to fit the fortnight worth of food in. I ordered all my favourites from last time plus some of the new meals that Be Fit Food have released since last time, and was pleasantly surprised that some meals had been tweaked for the better (extra veg in the eggs was yummy!).

I knew from last time that I would need to change my skinny lattes to macchiatos and make sure I was diligent with my water, surprisingly this time I didn’t find it as hard which was great! I had definitely stuck to a lot of the things I had learned from Be Fit Food over the last 8 months but had definitely come unstuck on a few things. I had become lax in eating breakfast, was only drinking 1-2L of water and had let carbs increase a little. It’s amazing how a few tweaks to your diet can really make such a huge difference! In less than a week of eating more protein, eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, being better with my water (2-3L a day) and reducing carbs, dairy and sugar I was feeling amazing and down a cheeky 1.5kgs. Weight loss was not my goal (although it was last time) and I started Be Fit Food this time around the same weight I finished it last time (definitely not one of those quick fixes that see you piling it all back on when you stop) but was a happy side effect.


I really wish I’d taken measurements not just weighed myself, because I feel like I lost more CMs that KGs, the total loss being 2.7kgs in 2 weeks. But the biggest change I’ve noticed is I am not bloated and lethargic anymore, I am brighter and happier and I don’t groan when the alarm (aka Bambino) goes off in the morning. I think I will do a 2 Week Metabolism Reset every 3-4 months to keep me on track with my eating and water intake, because I really do notice such a difference when I follow their guidelines.

If you want more energy, less bloating and/or weight-loss then I can’t recommend Be Fit Food more, and the team have kindly given me a code for you RACH35 for $35.00 OFF your order (make sure you use the capitals).

Rachael xo


Be Fit Food kindly gifted their 2 Week Metabolism Reset to me for review, all words and views are my own and are not influenced by others.

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