Hi Lovelies,

My next Budget Family Dinner is Fish Tacos! I don’t know about you but my family LOVES tacos. So I love to find new, healthy and budget friendly ways to make them. This is one of Bebe’s favourite Taco recipes – I hope you like it!


These are Aldi products and pricing, but you can find similar in other supermarkets on sale or home brands.

Cook fish according to instructions (20 minutes in 180 Degrees Celsius) the either cut in half lengthways or into chunks, whichever you prefer. Using a fork, mash the avocado up into a bowl. On top of a Tortilla/Wrap spread some avocado, top with coleslaw mix and fish. I find that the avocado is creamy enough that we don’t need to add sauces, but if you want to you can!



I hope you found that helpful, let me know if you make it!

Rachael x


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