Hi Lovelies,

As you may know this week Bambino and I flew to Sydney for the Launch of the Best & Less Baby Berry Winter Range. It was the first time I’ve flown with a child, and to say I was anxious would be an understatement! Given the amount of energy Bambino has, he was surprisingly an angel on both flights!

I’ve popped together a list of what I took, as I feel as though everything was covered and I didn’t take anything I didn’t use/need or wish I’d taken anything extra EXCEPT A STROLLER!! ALWAYS TAKE A STROLLER! We were literally going from airport to event to airport, but I didn’t factor in how hard it would be to carry an energetic 13kg sack of potatoes through the entire terminal, in heels, while also carrying the baby bag (which isn’t that heavy but combined with the toddler AND being tired from running after him all day… it adds up).


Baby/Nappy Bag:

The right nappy bag is essential, not just for travelling but for everyday use. The OiOi Jungle Leather Tote is the perfect carry on size, fits everything you need for the day AND is super stylish. With handles, shoulder strap and stroller/pram strap (should have taken the stroller!), easy access pockets and compartments so nothing gets lost, key fob so you don’t lose your keys in the bag, padded change mat, insulated bottle holder (kept our bottle cold for well over the 2 hours stated on the website), wipes case and wet bag PLUS the internal of the bag is easy wipe down and water resistant nylon… this is the baby bag of my dreams! The actual bag itself is also nice and light which is fantastic, my previous nappy bag was actually really heavy so once it was packed you REALLY felt it!



I packed the outfit I wanted Bambino to wear at the event, who knows what he could get on himself during the flight! Also I wanted him to be comfortable on the plane so dressed him in a Best & Less Mix & Match Fleece Set. He wore a mustard long sleeve waffle shirt, white linen chinos,  and sneakers. I also packed a pair of socks for him – the airport has a strict policy of children’s feet being covered if they’re walking or out of their seat on the plane and socks are more comfortable for a toddler than shoes.


Changing Needs:

The OiOi Nappy Bag has a change mat, and handy wipes hard-case so you don’t have to take a whole packet. I also took out some nappy bags from the main packet and tucked them into one of the handy side pockets. I have kept a small sudocream container that we received in our “baby showbag” when we were pregnant with bambino, and top it up with our preferred nappy cream, it’s the perfect size for a few changes. A few nappies and we were sorted!


Food & Drink:

Once again the OiOi Nappy Bag came to the rescue with its insulated bottle bag, I put a bottle of milk in and it actually stayed cold for hours. I packed another bottle (we use Tommee Tippee) for the plane ride as a lot of people had said it’s good for their ears when you’re taking off and landing. I also took our Tommee Tippee water bottle (we need the next age bracket up), a few pouches of Only Organics fruit sachets (as I knew he’d eat these and they have minimal mess when he eats straight out the pouch), and an assortment of biscuits and snacks in individual zip-lock bags so that Bambino could see and choose what he wanted. He was very impressed with the chocolate drop covered cupcake Virgin Australia served on the way home ha ha!


Busy Bag:

There are so many amazing Busy Bags available from fabulous small Australian businesses but I left it too late to order any in time so headed to good ol’ Kmart for a small notebook, little pens (Bambino eats pencils and crayons *eyeroll*) and stickers. I also packed a small car and downloaded some shows onto the Netflix app on my phone. If you don’t already have Netflix you can download it on your phone and sign up for a free 30 day trial, perfect for travelling!


I hope you’ve found this helpful and if there’s anything else I should add let me know!

Rachael xx

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