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A little while ago I was asked what my skincare routine is, and it’s taken me a little while but here it is. Please bear in mind I am a former Beauty Therapist so to some this may seem like a lot of products ha ha, but I’ve been religiously using a more in depth skin care regime since Beauty School (17-18 years old) and it doesn’t feel like a chore to me!

Bioelements is an American brand that is stocked in selected salons around Australia (click here to find your closest salon). It has the perfect mix of sciences based ingredients and natural ingredients such as essential oils and fruit extracts. The moisturisers and masques can be custom blended in salon with additional targeted ingredients for your specific skin needs every time you purchase the product!



Cleanser: Bioelements Decongestant Cleanser

I have a combination skin, and this cleanser is more for an oily skin, however I prefer a gel cleanser for myself. Mainly because it removes makeup SO well but also because I had really oily and congested skin when I was younger and I love that freshly gel-cleanser cleansed feeling! NO cleanser should ever leave your skin feeling tight as this means it has stripped your skin from natural good oils, and I definitely never feel tight after using Decongestant.



Toner: Bioelements Power Peptide 

I personally don’t believe in toners/mists that you have to wipe on. The true function of a toner/mist is to rehydrate and prep the skin to receive the next step properly. Think of a sponge… if you pour a cup of water on a dry sponge 90% of it will run off BUT if you pour a cup of water onto a damp sponge it will absorb it all.



Moisturiser: Really Rich Moisture

Normally I would recommend that people use a separate day and night moisturiser. Usually because day creams often have SPF which shouldn’t be on the skin 24/7, and day creams usually have a water based approach to hydration and night creams have an oil based approach to nourishing (equally important). I however use a very nourishing moisturiser day and night and instead use 2 separate serums for extra assistance where needed (which is everywhere ha ha) and make sure my BB/CC Cream or foundation has SPF.



AM Serum: Plump Start

Hydrating, nourishing, plumping, eliminates fine lines… what’s not to love! Absorbs straight in without leaving any residue and I really notice the difference in my skin when I use this serum regularly.



PM Serum: Recovery Serum

This serum was created for stressed, over stimulated skin but boy oh boy does it nourish, hydrate, smooth and silky your skin! Some people swear by using it as a primer but I prefer to pop it on under my moisturiser at night and wake up with ultra soft skin.



Exfoliant: Pumice Peel

Oh how I love an exfoliant! Man made scrubbies only please – anything ‘smashed’ means irregular particles which means your skin gets sliced and diced and environmentally stressed out. Say no to apricot kernals and yes to spheres. Or even chemical exfoliants which require no ‘scrubbing’.But I’m old school and love a good rub-a-dub lets scrub off that dead skin session twice a week. On the nights (yes always exfoliate at night, then pop on your serum and moisturiser so they can penetrate nice and deep!) I also masque to make the most out of my fresh skin!



Masque: Radiance Rescue 

I will admit that I used to masque way more often before I started seeing the girls at The Laser Lounge Coorparoo but I don’t need to do it as often now I’m getting salon grade treatments regularly. But what I love about Radiance Rescue is that you can use it all over, just under your eyes as a pick me up (reduces puffiness & lines as well as increases hydration and elasticity) AND you can actually pop a thin layer on over you serum and moisturiser at night and leave it on until morning.



Eye Cream: Multi-Task Eye Cream

The skin around the eye is the most delicate on the face and therefore shows ageing the fastest. So it’s really important to look after this area really well from as early as you can. The Multi-Task Eye Cream combats dark circles, fine lines and is a great day and night eye cream.


What skin care products do you use? Are you diligent or hit-and-miss?

Rachael x

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