Hi Lovelies!

As the weather cools down, it’s easy to fall into a rut of a sweater and jeans combo every day. There’s nothing wrong with that outfit, in fact it’s one of my personal favourites! But it does get boring FAST! Another way to wear a jumper is with a skirt, and to make sure you still have shape and don’t get overwhelmed with a knit plus long skirt combo… add a belt! Place the belt UNDER the back of the jumper and then at the sides bring it OVER the front of the jumper. Flounce the jumper out over the top and voila! Of course you can pop the entire belt over the jumper too if that’s your preference. I’ve taken two of this season’s trends: animal print and belt bag, and combined them with tough boots and feminine skirt for the best of both worlds. Which trends will you be jumping on this season?




Sportsgirl Leopard Jacquard Jumper $79.95

Sportsgirl Satin Slip Skirt $89.95

Sportsgirl Marlena Clean Boot $89.95

Sportsgirl Hunter Velvet Belt Pouch Bag $29.95

Sportsgirl Black Leo Felt Panama Hat $39.95




What do you think of these finds? Are any now on your Wish List? Did any of last week’s round up take your fancy and end up add to cart? Let me know in the comments (and add a pic if you purchased it too)!
Rachael xo

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